Wednesday, May 1, 2013

27 Weeks! Let the Last Trimester Begin!

      Woo-Hoo! 27 weeks and it's officially the third and final trimester. Seems like time really has flown by and there aren't all that many months left to go. I have my final for nursing class today in a few hours too, and then I will officially be off for the summer. I'm starting to get that lovely nesting instinct and have found my obsessive side again. I'm hoping to keep myself busy this summer with Roxas but there isn't a whole lot to do besides swim when it's a hundred and stupid outside. We have something special planned each month so at least I have little things to look forward to. On the 25th of this month we get to see Lucy on the big screen, and in 4D again :-D it's my Mother's Day present to myself. Then in June not only is my best friend having her baby shower, I am too. I don't get to see very many people anymore so I'm excited to have time to visit and catch up with all our friends. Finally in July there will be a "Stutler-Palooza" where all of the Stutler family is coming for a little reunion. Then we wait...and wait...and wait for little Lucy to come into the outside world. I'm hoping the months don't drag on too much.

     Our princess is about 15 inches from head to toe, and weighs just over 2lbs! Her taste buds are more developed now than they ever will be, and she asserts her taste preferences quite frequently. Hiccups are more common to feel now and I've noticed she has had several bouts of them recently. They are hilariously adorable, for a little while. Plus those little lungs that are hiccuping are also now capable of moving air, and performing the vital task of gas exchange needed to breathe. Not that I would like to test that fact. Her muscles continue to become more coordinated and even more cute baby chub is being laid down.

    I've gotten to the point where my Dr. wants daily kick counts and she has been more than cooperative with this plan. She can be very violent, but it's ok...spleens aren't really all that necessary right? I have been feeling a little bit like I'm falling apart as of late. Everything is swollen, aches, and I get winded just taking a shower. I also had another run of really nasty contractions the other night and most of the following day. Seems like the best cure for all of my issues is to rest, easier said than done most of the time.

    My mom is throwing me a baby shower at the end of June (the 30th to be exact) and I've had conflicting feelings on a second shower. If you Google "second baby shower etiquette"  you will be flooded with hits that either say you're a horrible, greedy person or that it's fine and every opinion in between. I really shouldn't listen to Google, it's like researching that weird rash on WebMD (it's's always cancer). Alas, despite what many internet mom and etiquette gurus have to say on the subject my mom is throwing me a shower and apparently there isn't much I can do about it but enjoy it. I've made a registry so if you would like to buy a gift (totally optional by the way), you can find the link in the upper right sidebar.

     It's been fun so far and for every complaint I have there is usually something good to balance it out. I'm already anxious to just see our little girl and have a tiny newborn again. Every day it gets closer, and I can't wait.

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