Wednesday, May 22, 2013

30 Weeks- 3/4 of the way done!

       30 weeks have come and gone. We are now in the last quarter of pregnancy! There are only 7 weeks left until Lucy is considered full term and could technically come any time. Even though I'm 98% sure she will come after her due date, since second babies do tend to arrive later rather than earlier, I'm still sticking with my plan to be ready at a moments notice once we pass that 37 week mark. Better to be prepared than not in my opinion.

     This week the key word seems to be brains! Up until now the brain has been pretty much smooth but now it is beginning to wrinkle up to accommodate the ever increasing number of brain cells being made. Her bone marrow has now officially taken over for the spleen in the red blood cell department, which is a pretty important job to take on. The thin hair that covers all baby's in utero, lanugo, is beginning to shed, and the hair on her head (if she has any) is starting to thicken. Her growth hasn't changed a whole lot, she is still about 17in long but has put on a little more weight at about 3lbs now. She should put on about half a pound a week from now until birth.

     I'm getting very excited for our scan on Saturday. I can't wait to see what she looks like now with more baby fat. I'm hoping the ultrasound tech will be nice enough to let us have another quick look in HD! I still can't believe we are going to have another baby, a feeling that probably won't go away until she is here. There is so much I'm looking forward to with having another little one, a few things to dread too, but a lot to look forward to. I would like to think I won't be quite as anxious for her to do hit all the milestones but I know I will be. Then when I blink and I'm suddenly chasing down a toddler I will long for the baby days again.

     Anyways that's pretty much all the news for now!


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  1. Just found your blog! I love the pregnancy shot in a red bikini! So gorgeous. Excited to see your scan :)

    p.s. How funny your blog-name is Just Me. Same as mine!