Wednesday, May 29, 2013

31 Weeks- 9 Weeks left to go

      9 weeks until our guess date...nine, as in single digit amount of weeks remaining. I'm pretty darn excited. I can't wait to have our little princess out here. I've got my fingers crossed she will be a little early but I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up.

     We had a doctor's appointment last Friday and honestly the doctor might as well just poke her head into the waiting room and ask "Still uncomfortably pregnant? Yes? Ok, see you next appointment." Lucy's heartbeat is nice and strong, mommy's blood pressure is nice and low, weight gain is going well (looks like I'm on par to gain about the same I did with Roxas), and my tummy is measuring where it should. Our appointments have finally crossed that threshold of once a month to every other week. Once we hit July the really fun appointments start every week, the kind where you walk in and are asked to immediately take off your pants. Fun times.

     We also had our nice little babymoon this past weekend. I LOVED it. Kenny had Monday off for the holiday so we got three whole days together. Saturday we dropped off kiddo with my mom and headed to Vegas. Driving on our own with no baby in the backseat was weird. I kept catching my mind wondering why Roxas was being so quiet. Then I'd realize...oh yeah...he's not with us! We got to just do what we wanted without having to worry about working around nap times, snack times, and food times...for the whole day. I was giddy with freedom. Not that we didn't miss our little monster (and I say that with love). We went to the mall and just wandered. Wandered around with no destination in mind. To those who don't have children this seems pretty normal and not exactly something to get overexcited about. With Roxas we do not wander, going to a store is like a military exercise. Get there, get your stuff, and get out before the meltdown. There is no aimlessly wandering, there is no "hey that looks like a neat store". No, not if you value your sanity anyways. Oh and forget about the breakable stuff stores, Roxas isn't allowed in there until he's 15 and considering he does have half of my genetic klutz code, maybe never.

     Anyways, after shopping we met up with our friend Brad for lunch at this really neat little gastro pub. I wish both our friends Brad and Jenna could have come, but alas...Jenna had to go home with their own little one who was not in the mood for going out. Something I've had to do many times myself, sometimes being the mom kind of sucks. If you are a beer snob, and happen to be in Las Vegas I very highly recommend checking this place out. It's called Aces & Ales, and we never would have stopped there on our own- it's just a little hole in the wall kind of place but it's an amazing little gem. They have such a wide selection of delicious beers on tap/in bottles it will make your head spin. Of course I got my obligatory tiny taste, and then just stared with jealousy as I sipped my water. They also have really great food too, which made it a little less sad for me. With lunch over our scan was the next thing on our agenda!

     Since my husband is the best, most wonderful man on the planet and loves me so, so much he agreed to let me splurge on the full HD package. Normally we only did the 3D (those orangy yellow pictures) but for some extra money we could do the HD which I like the looks of so much better. Lucy was a great little subject, just laying perfectly so we got a lot of great shots of her face. We saw her yawning and swallowing the amniotic fluid. The tech also confirmed in glorious HD...she is absolutely, 100%, seriously there is no doubt in my mind, still a girl. I'm not going to post that particular picture though, just take my word for it. We saw her all bunched up in there, with her elbows touching her knees. It's getting obvious she is running out of room. Towards the end she was pretty over the whole thing and decided to try and get away from us by rolling over. Here is a little slideshow of all the pictures, there are quite a few.

cwgirlup's Lucy-30wks album on Photobucket

     These last weeks are all about growth, and my belly reflects that pretty accurately. I swear I go to bed and wake up bigger. She now weighs over three pounds and is about 18in long. Her brain is making new neurons with lightning speed. All five of her senses are now fully intact and ready to go. She's pretty busy getting ready to meet us out here.
     As for me, just the usual complaints. I can't breathe worth a darn, my joints are protesting under the added weight and today I noticed two new pretty purple stretchmarks on my side. Lovely. I have really conflicted feelings now. Part of me just wants her out here, and I kind of want my abdominal cavity space back. Then again...I know labor is a necessary side effect to make that happen and I'm not exactly jumping for joy at being in mind numbing pain for an entire day. Sure they say second labors are faster and easier but I like to prepare for the worst. I'm expecting the same as last time and if it's better well then, I won't exactly be complaining.

      I have been kept pretty busy with little munchkin running around here. He comes up with something new on a daily basis and I love being surprised at the new things he learns. It's a little scary how he mimics us though. I tried my hand at cutting his hair, and let's just say that didn't go well. In my defense it was like trying to give Animal of the Muppets a haircut. Try getting straight cuts when your target keeps moving. It's really not the worst cut in the world but it's just bad enough for me to retire my scissors and never try that ever again. He's also not allowed in any pictures until it grows back. With Roxas keeping me on my toes this time has just flown by and I know we will be full term in what seems like no time at all.

Until next time...

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