Wednesday, July 15, 2015

35 Weeks- Only 35 days until the due date!

Today marks 35 weeks and that means we only have 35 days left until the due date. I'm still firmly in the "I'm so going to end up over due" camp. So I am trying not to get too terribly excited yet. I'm still in some bit of denial that we will be having a third baby soon too.

Baby is doing quite well and is roughly 6lbs (give or take an ounce) and gaining weight fast. As for me, thankfully this pregnancy has been the kindest on my scale as I'm only up 15lbs from pre pregnancy weight. I'm lucky, call it good genes. Doc is happy with baby's growth and overall well-being. Not to say she doesn't lecture me every single time I'm there. I'm supposed to be resting, staying off my feet, drinking more water...etc. None of which I have been able or willing to accomplish of course. I'm still working full time and intend to just waddle my way around the floor until something happens. It would be incredibly convenient if my water could just break right at the end of a shift and I'd just waddle right on down to L&D one floor down. I can dream right?

I'm insanely uncomfortable, everything hurts and it feels like I have a bowling ball wedged in my pelvis where my internal organs previously resided. I have not missed these feelings. Soon enough though it will all be gone and I'll miss being pregnant all over again. I've started dilating and having a ridiculous amount of braxton hicks but for now they are not causing any huge changes. Although it's good my body is prepping I know better than to get excited.

I've gotten most of the stuff I wanted to done now. The baby's nursery is a corner in our room for now. Since we don't know which room will be doubling its occupancy yet. We keep our kiddos in our bedroom for the first 6 months anyways so it doesn't matter too much. I still made up the corner to be a bit nurseryish though. Had to satisfy that nesting itch. The last thing on my list is to pack a hospital bag and go-bags for the kids. I'm planning on getting that finished next week sometime I think.

We get to go to Vegas for our third and last ultrasound on Saturday. I am so excited to see this little one more developed and almost ready to come on out and meet us!

At the most I will have to just be patient for another 7 weeks which I'm sure will be long, drawn out and agonizing but so worth it.

For kicks and giggles, I compared my belly at 35 weeks across all three pregnancies: