Wednesday, December 28, 2011

31 Weeks- Happy New Year!

Well, it's 31 weeks today...meaning there are only 9 weeks left to go! With the due date nearing I am starting to get ready more seriously for the arrival of our little boy. Technically he could come anytime after February 8th so I am planning on being ready to go at that point. The baby shower is nearing, just 18 days away, and I am getting very excited for that.

The year 2011 is nearly through and I can't believe it will be January again next week. To ring in the new year I have bought two bottles of sparkling cider- things are going to get CRAZY! I've also completely redesigned the blog. I'm not exactly the best when it comes to some of the higher tech stuff involving blogging but I think it turned out rather decent for not knowing what the heck I'm doing. I hope you like the new look. I will be continuing the blog after Roxas is born too, it has really kind of evolved into a great way for me to get out some of my feelings and share what is on my mind every week and I'm sure with a new baby there will be plenty to share. Plus I still have a ton of sarcasm and wit that I haven't used up yet.

Christmas was over this past weekend and it was a fun one. I was surprised with a wonderful gift of brand new doors for our house. It may not seem like a big deal to many but to me, it meant the world. We never got around to updating the doors in our house and they have bugged me for the past 3 years! We got to see our family and spend a little time with just us too. It was somewhat bittersweet. As we enjoyed our day a little voice reminded me that it will never be just like this every again. I cherished every moment I could of it and I can't wait to have new Christmas memories with our baby boy. Even though it won't ever be the same, it will always be wonderful.

We went to our doctor today and I am pleased to report that Roxas is happy and healthy. His heartbeat was a steady 146 and for once he didn't have enough room to run away from the doppler! The doctor said I am measuring great and my weight is pretty good for it being after the holidays...hey, you don't argue when the pregnant lady wants her box of chocolate covered cherries. I have actually only gained 18lbs so far which is pretty average and makes me happy. The doc also informed me that he is in the appropriate "head down" or "vertex" position and showed me where his butt and limbs were at which was neat. He is "a good sized baby, not scary big...but big" according to the doctor as well. Kenny and I were decent sized babies too so I'm going to bet he weighs around 8 1/2 pounds.

This week he is still gaining weight (around 3lbs) and another inch (around 17in). His brain is still developing at break-neck speeds as more neruons meet up every minute. Those textbooks I've been reading must be helping. For the most part a lot of what he does now is just maturing and growing. This also means my belly is growing at crazy speeds. I've officially left the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy according to the doctor and it's defintely starting to feel more like it at this point. Even though I whine and complain sometimes, it's still all worth it when I feel a little knee or elbow nudging me and saying "hey mom, just a little longer!"

That's all for today and I hope everybody has a Happy New Year and have a glass of champagne for me!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 Weeks...Holy Crow

We are finally in the last 10 weeks! I can't wait until we actually get to hold and cuddle on our boy. At 37 weeks we are considered term and technically he could come anytime after then. I'm excited to have him but part of me is still reserved too. It really hasn't set in that we are going to have a tiny human baby to look after in just 10 weeks. I know, I know, you would think that the giant belly might give me a clue but really it's hard to grasp that there is a baby in there and not just some crazy octopus. Although if I did have a crazy octopus in my belly we'd have bigger things to worry about. What I am trying to say here is it's hard to connect what I see on the ultrasound to what I feel in my belly, and I doubt it will feel real until they put him on my chest and I see him for the first time.

Anyways, he is really growing fast weighing in at around 3lbs and around 16in long. He is almost as long as he will be at birth. I was 22in long (and over 9lbs) when I was born...I'm kind of hoping he is a bit smaller than I was but somehow I don't think he will be a small baby. His brain is really developing at this point, and getting all wrinkly. Those characteristic wrinkles and folds in our brains extend the actual surface area of the brain, thus allowing for more and more neurological growth! I guess I should start reading some textbooks aloud for him. Something else kind of cool (or warm) with his brain is it has now taken over his temperature control. His bone marrow has also taken control of erythropoiesis (I like that word, always have, I don't know why) which is the production of red blood cells which his spleen had previously been doing. He's really gearing up for the outside world.

As for me? Well I'm starting to get a bit more cranky about all this. I feel awful for complaining, I even feel like I shouldn't complain at all sometimes. After all some women would kill to be in my shoes and here I am whining about it. I am very grateful that I get to experience all of this, the good-bad-and ugly, but it really does get to you eventually. When you just can't get comfortable whether it's your back killing you or the baby ramming elbows into you it's just not very fun. Try having somebody ram you in the liver repeatedly and then smile through it all. Ok, pity party over.

The baby shower is coming up fast, in just 25 days! I am really excited to see all of my friends-especially some of those I haven't seen in too long. Our anniversary is also coming up fast, and it coincidentally marks 37 weeks for us. I can't believe we have been married for nearly 3 years. Seems like just a few months ago we got back from our honeymoon. Unfortunately I have been forbidden to go to Disneyland like we usually do for our anniversary so we will have a little "stay-cation" instead. I was really hoping to waddle around D-land enough to go into labor there...gosh that would be so COOL! I know I need help. Instead we are going to stay in the hotel room that we did the first night we were married and just enjoy our day together as a couple rather than the family we will shortly become. I'm starting to get really excited for all the things coming up in the very near future. I know it will be here before I know it but patience has never been my strong suit when it comes to waiting!

Until next week...Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I knew about...but didn't think would happen

So I try really hard not to whine...but darn it I feel like whining right now and I'm going to! I read a lot of lists like "Things they don't tell you about being pregnant" or "Things they don't tell you about childbirth". I assume I now know everything that the mysterious group of "They" don't want me to know. I always read these types of lists and thought to myself, "Sure, that happens to like 3% of women probably...that will never happen to me." Well I'm making my own stupid list, all about the stuff I never thought would happen but did.

1. Not being able to do things, even though I want to.
I'm rather independent, and stubborn. Not a good mix when pregnant. I typically operated under the "I'll just do it myself" motto. Whether it meant laying down the fake grass in the backyard or rearranging the living room furniture. I would just do it because, well, I wanted to. Before getting pregnant I just assumed all pregnant women were being wimps and I would carry on as if nothing was going on. Now I am learning that I have serious physical limitations. I still try, oh yes I still try. Most of the time I am met with defeat though. I can't walk very fast just because I get out of breath easily, and I can't get up off the ground without help. I have actually gotten stuck in a few places for a moment or two, makes you feel rather silly.

2. Weird things with your body!
I've heard all kinds of oddball things happen to your body when pregnant but surely they wouldn't happen to me...right? Wrong. Turns out my body hates me now and it's attempting to drive me to the nut house. I have little spider veins on my legs, an interesting "V" shaped stretch mark above my bellybutton which itches like crazy, cankles that look like a decomposing body, acne from head to toe, greasy yucky hair no matter how often I shower, and every single joint in my body hurts-even my elbows! I'll stop now to spare you the rest of the details (trust me, you don't want to know anymore). I had been thinking to myself how great my body is handling all this and then I really started thinking about it and realized...I'm a mess. I never thought I would ever be a mess but sure enough...things are changing and usually not for the better. Oh, and stop calling me drives me nuts. Apparently most people think pregnant women want to hear that they are small, well this one doesn't. I don't want to be told I look like an elephant either. Just say "you look great" and leave it at that.

3. The Advice...oh God the Advice
Apparently being pregnant means everybody and their uncle will give you advice...and I am so done. Vaccines, circumcision, sleep training methods (I'm talking to you cry it out vs. attachment parents!), breastfeeding, name it I've gotten advice about it. Now I'm always polite, or at least I think I try to be, and I will listen to your advice and say thank you. I may be arguing with you in my head, but smiling and nodding on the outside. I get that people only want to help by sharing what they believe, or what worked for them. However, it really grates on a persons' nerves sometimes. There are a few of those topics that I have strong feelings on and I highly doubt you will change my mind but I get people will always have something to say so I'll listen and then do what I want anyways.

4. The Hormones
I know this kind of goes with the body stuff but it's more of a mental thing sometimes than anything else. Plus, it's crazy enough to deserve a whole category.
Hormones are the devil. I'm convinced of it. They are like the wind: you can't see them, taste them, hear them or touch them but oh do you feel their wrath when they get going. I had a few little hormonal moments in my life pre-pregnancy and yes they were rather insane but I thought no way was I going to be one of those psychotic preggo ladies who throws a fit because they ran out of paper towels. I was wrong. Again. Men think we are crazy, but other women totally get it: hormones make you insane. I've gone through so many crazy emotions in the past 6 1/2 months I should probably be committed. I've cried over the stupidest stuff and sometimes I even cry and laugh at the same time, yeah...told you I'm nuts. I've had a few moments of darkness too, which are actually a little scary...totally normal but scary. Sometimes I'm unbelievably happy just because and sometimes I'm in an awful mood...just because. So If you have ever encountered one of my hormone alter egos, I apologize.

5. The Clothing
I've said it once and I'll say it again...I hate clothing. Granted my husband has no problem with this declaration, but he's really the only one. I never really cared too much about what I wore anyways. I'm not "trendy" of "fashionable" in any sense. I go for comfy over fashion, so my wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and t-shirts. When you get pregnant you need some different clothes. That I knew. That I could deal with. So I thought I would need to get a few new pairs of pants with the stretchy belly thing and a few tops with tie backs on them. I was wrong (anybody else sensing the pattern here?). I did get my pants with the stretchy thing and I got lots of different shirts. I have half a closet dedicated to just maternity wear...but I have nothing to wear. I spend an extra 15 to 20 minutes every morning trying stuff on to see how it fits that day. What fit last week won't work this week, and what fits this week won't fit next week. It's infuriating that I can't just go in to the closet, grab a shirt and throw on some pants. Nope. Doesn't happen. My pants won't stay up, my shirts bunch up, and we won't even go into the problems with my "intimates". The thing I am looking forward to most about not being pregnant: regular clothing.

I think that's enough whining for tonight, I feel a bit better getting some stuff off my chest. I really do try to limit my complaining but sometimes I just need to let it all out and tell the world: This sucks! Being pregnant can suck sometimes, I can't be happy about all of it. Sure it is absolutely all worth it to get my little boy in my arms and I'd do it again in a heartbeat but I won't deny that it's hard sometimes to keep the smile on my face about it all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

29 Weeks- Where can I get some of those elves?

Morning everybody! This post will be one of the shorter ones since the lovely carpal tunnel in my right hand is acting up at the moment, plus I will have stuff to add later ;-) ssshhhhh, it's a surprise!

We are almost out of the 20's! I can't believe it! It seems like once we hit 30 it will just fly right on by, after all there are only 77 days left.
The little munchkin is now 2 1/2 pounds (believe me I think it's more) and is somewhere around 15-16 inches long from head to heel...about the size of a loaf of bread or if your feeling nostalgic the diameter of the original big wheels' front wheel! He is getting big and cramped in there. We feel a lot of baby parts moving and sliding across my belly now, which is a feeling I don't think I could ever describe's just weird. I wish I could figure out what in the world he is doing in there because sometimes I'm convinced he has extra limbs.

I'm doing pretty well, just getting bigger and more uncomfortable of course. My belly button is really popping out, but only half way, it's weird. I also have a lot of sensitivity around it most likely thanks to a past hernia when I was little, so please be careful rubbing the belly! We are getting all ready for Christmas, a feat that is quite daunting when you are considerably slower and more clumsy! I can't believe it's in just 11 days, time flies way too fast sometimes. I'd love to get my hands on some of Santa's elves for a few days, those little buggers are fast and so darn cheery. As a matter of fact that is what I would like to get for Christmas- one of Santa's elves. We are also getting ready for the baby shower in just about 30 days! I can't wait to do up the cake for it. I'm not making the whole thing, just doing some of the decorating on it. My wonderful mommy is helping out with it too. I just couldn't stand the thought of a "grocery store" cake or paying somebody an obscene amount of money to make one for us when I could make one just as cute and nice for a whole lot less. I'm such a cake purist hehe.

Well that is all........for now.......there may be a fun surprise coming up later so check back ;-)

and as is the surprise! We got to get another 3D/4D ultrasound today and see the munchkin with his cute chubby cheeks and looking a lot more like a baby and less like an alien! Here is the slideshow of all the pictures, the video is uploading and will be up tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

28 Weeks- Growing fast

28 weeks have flown by and there are only 9 more weeks until we are considered to be "term", meaning he could come any time after then and he'd still be fully cooked. Time is going by quickly but sometimes it also feels like it's going slower than a herd of snails stampeding through peanut butter. I'm getting anxious to finally get everything over with and just have him out here in my arms, and away from my spleen. For once in my life everything else (holidays, anniversary etc.) is pretty much at the back of my mind. I'm usually all about Christmas and get really into it but this year it seems like other stuff has just taken over my brain. I'm at least officially done with my schooling until I get accepted into the nursing program (hopefully next fall). I'm proud to say I managed an A in my last class [yay!] and I am looking forward to not being distracted with my schoolwork while Roxas is home for the first few months.

I've had my first experience with braxton hicks contractions, which kind of freaked me out at first. They are actually pretty annoying and I hope they stay very, very, irregular for awhile. Roxas is getting really big now, weighing about 2 1/2lbs. and around 15in. long. He rolls around and runs his hands and feet across my belly which is a really odd sensation. As far as development goes his lungs are almost completely mature, meaning if he were to be born this week he would probably only need minimal medical help. He still has a lot more growing and maturing to do though! He has been practicing his sucking reflex and breathing along with things like grasping, blinking, coughing and hiccuping. I'm happy to report my glucose test was normal, meaning I do not have gestational diabetes! Although the blood-work did show I am anemic but at least that just requires an easy iron supplement.

We went to "baby having class" on Saturday and learned some great stuff. The best part for me was seeing the new labor and delivery ward at the hospital. It was really nice and I'm excited to be able to enjoy the new facilities. I think it's also pretty cool that Roxas will be born in the same hospital that Kenny was born in!

Well I believe that's all I have for you right now, see you next week!