Wednesday, May 8, 2013

28 Weeks: It's a Special Day

     28 weeks today, and it also happens to be our "dating anniversary". It might seem silly to some to celebrate a dating anniversary still but it's where our entire lives together began and I think it deserves some celebrating.

     Nine years ago we sat in my bedroom watching the Lord of the Rings. Now that I think about it I think the choice in movie was kind of appropriate- little did I know I would one day be placing a ring on his finger and proudly displaying one on my own. You've heard the story before so I won't go into it again. I just can't believe it has been nine years, we're approaching a decade of being together! If that date nine years ago never happened who knows what would have become of our lives. Maybe we would have met different people and things would be completely different. Maybe we would have gone out another day and still end up together in the end. I don't know, but I do know I'm incredibly happy that day did happen. We were young and I really do get the skepticism of "young love" (I'm guilty of scoffing at it all the time- hey I'm human) but I think after nine years we might have proved people wrong. I love him more and more each day. I'm surprised my heart still fits in my chest since it swells with love and pride every time I see him play with our son, or the way he smiles as our daughter kicks at his hands. His love has made me a better wife, a better mother and a better person and I am blessed to have him.

     Moving on to our little Lucy: she is a whole 28 weeks old today! She is about 2 1/2lbs and 16in tall (head to toe). Her brain has now developed enough to allow her to dream, about what I have no idea though. Her lungs are now in full surfactant production mode, which will allow her to open those lungs and cry on delivery day. She has all kinds of neat reflexes now: coughing, blinking, and stronger sucking. Her bone marrow has kicked into production and is now starting to produce blood cells, her adrenal glands are also starting up and making androgen and estrogen. Maybe all that extra estrogen is why I'm so unreasonably emotional lately? Eh, probably.

    She is getting bigger and bigger, and so am I. I think I finally did find a little bit of a honeymoon in here somewhere. I really love this point because she is big enough for me to "play with" by prodding at her feet or elbows (I'm not really sure which is which). I have these brief moments of clarity when it really hits me that we will have a little girl AND a little boy. A perfect little family of four. I also have brief moments of clarity when it hits me that there are only 9 weeks left until we are officially "Full Term". Now I learned my lesson about putting a lot of emphasis on dates last time but this one is still a biggie for me. More likely that not we will go all the way to the due date, and probably over, but I would still rather be prepared just in case. Over planning is just in my nature.
     I've been getting a lot of nice little practice contractions in the past week or so. They are the kind that make me stop what I'm doing, but nothing to worry about. I'm hoping maybe this time my body is going to be able to cooperate and we can avoid that nasty Pitocin business again. I'd like to forgo the drugs this time, but we will see.

     Roxas is still pretty clueless that his world is three months away from being turned upside down. Although today I asked him where sister was and he poked my belly. I was actually pretty surprised he did that. He really doesn't grasp the concept yet, he's only 14 months old after all, so I'm hoping Lucy's arrival goes over well. I'm thinking of getting him his own little kids tablet for a "big brother" present since Lucy will be getting all the presents and most of the attention for a little while, plus it might keep him entertained for five extra minutes so I will be able to eat, or shower. Showers are good. I've had so much helpful advice from moms who have been there and done that so I'm sure we will be fine but there is always that feeling of unease when you venture into the unknown.

     We've got a very busy month with birthdays, Mother's Day and our scan (just a few more weeks!!!!!) so there will be a lot to share this month.

Until next time...

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