Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's a Mommy Life

The day begins as I hear the call of our son
I roll groggily out of bed, wishing the aches and pains hadn't kept me up

I think about what I'll feed him for breakfast, ignoring my own growling tummy
I try to make sure he gets all his nutrition
Grains, fruits, vegetables...all balanced out in my head

I clean up the oatmeal off the floor
Wipe a dirty face

There is laundry piled up, dog hair on the carpet
Dishes overflow the sink and my hair is still unbrushed

We play with one thing after the next
Stacking blocks, pushing cars, rolling balls

A temper tantrum over something trivial
Maybe a forbidden object,
or perhaps a request to play with the phone was denied

I glance at the clock
It's always too slow or too fast

Change a diaper, clean up the spilled milk
Ask "where's your nose" for the hundredth time
Act as a jungle gym, make animals sounds

I venture back to the kitchen and plan lunch
A sandwich maybe, or pasta perhaps
I wonder, did I eat breakfast?

Clean the floor again, wipe a dirty face
Snag an uneaten chicken finger, lunch

An eye rub, a big yawn
I thank the Lord, kiss my boy
And lay him down to nap

Like lightning the laundry is in the washer
Dishes are getting scrubbed

I finally sit and rest
I glance at my phone
Check facebook, twitter and the like
Maybe respond to a few emails if I have the time

I look at the clock
It's always too fast or too slow

All too soon I hear my name
Mamma, Maaaaaaamaaaaaaa

Change a diaper and back to play
I try to teach my small pupil
Body parts, animals, and shapes

I wonder if he is learning enough
I wonder if he is on track
I wonder what I'm doing wrong

Stacking blocks, pushing cars
Temper tantrums thrown
Change a diaper, clean up a mess

Forget about the wet laundry
Sigh at the dust
Wonder where all those dishes came from

Look at the clock
Start thinking about dinner
What can I make with this stuff?

Plead and beg, just one bite
It's all I ask
 Clean up the floor, wipe a dirty face

Daddy comes home
The highlight of our day
Daddies are the best

We play for a short while
Then it's into PJs and off to bed
Kisses goodnight, turn on the lullaby

Gently close the door and breathe
Return to the kitchen and contemplate
What can I make for us to eat?

Finally, a meal just for me
No leftover chicken fingers
No pilfered Cheerios

Dinner is done
Dishes pile in the sink
The laundry begins to mildew

Now it's my favorite part
Spend some time with Daddy
Adult conversation, what a novelty

I look at the clock
It's always too fast or too slow

Time for bed all too soon
No need to set an alarm
Just turn on the baby monitor

Crawl into bed
Thinking about bills to be paid
Laundry, dishes, and dust
Thinking about a grocery list
Clutter to be tamed, and crafts to be done

Drift off to sleep as thoughts come and go
Wake up the next day to do it all again

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