Wednesday, April 24, 2013

26 Weeks- The End is Near!

 26 Weeks

     Twenty-six weeks seems like such a long time in some ways and such a short time in others. The end is nearing as we spend our last week in second trimester. Third trimester is going to bring all kinds of fun stuff like our next 3D/4D scan (in only 4 weeks!), our baby shower, maternity photos, and most importantly...prepping for labor! We have officially made it to the "double-digit" countdown phase with only 98 days left until our guess day. This time I'm anxious to meet our little girl but at the same time I'm cool with her staying in there a little while. She is so low maintenance, and extra easy to go out and about with right now!
     Lucy is about the length of an eggplant and about 2lbs. Her nerves are developing even more as she works on her sucking and grasping reflexes. The skin is taking on more color as it begins to produce melanin and baby fat is deposited underneath it. Her eyes are beginning to open now, although she isn't seeing a whole lot. Brain-wave activity is kicking up and she is now able to actually respond to noises she hears and when I poke her through my belly, which is often.She is growing so fast right now which is probably why I've developed a new found desire to eat everything in sight. If I'm not eating, chances are I want to be. I've put on a whole 6lbs since my first doctors visit, I'm surprised I haven't gained 20 just in the past week alone. I've been craving just about everything that is bad for me. They say you crave sweet and salty with girls and considering the nearly empty bag of dill pickle lay's chips that is sitting next to me I'd say that's about right. I have to start watching my sodium intake though. My ankles, fingers and wrists are beginning to swell and my wedding ring has been safely tucked away and replaced with my "fake" wedding ring that I won't be too upset about losing in the event it needs to be cut off.
     School is also winding down for me. We had our last clinical day yesterday which was bittersweet. On one hand I will miss the amazing experiences of caring for patients and helping people, but on the other I will be SO happy not to be getting up at 4am every Tuesday! Our last lecture was today and we also had our pharmacology final. I was really worried about this final but I thoroughly surprised myself with a 97% on the exam, thus securing my "A" in the class. Now I just have to take the nursing course final next Wednesday. Hopefully I can surprise myself then too. I'm really quite sad that I won't be with all my friends for the coming semester but I'm also feeling much better about our choice to defer the third semester.
     The next three months will be full of fun and exciting things. I'll be spending the summer enjoying my time with just Roxas while I can. I know once Lucy is here my attention will be spread a little thin, especially in the first few months when newborns are at their neediest. Hopefully I'll be able to manage two kiddos without losing my mind too.

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