Wednesday, February 29, 2012

40 Weeks- Due Date

Oh the notorious due date...I think it is a load of horse malarky now but for roughly 9 long months I've clung to this day. I've looked at the date circled on the calendar and said to myself "I'll have this baby in my arms by then." Yeah...Not happening. Roxas is still very content to hang around in my tummy for now. I haven't had anymore signs of labor coming in the near future, just the usual irritating false contractions. I'm not getting my hopes up for the near future, I've learned that only leads to feeling completely failed and yanked around. My only comfort is knowing that the maximum time left is 2 weeks and that is the only goal I will keep my eye on for now. So there isn't much to report as new this week, just a lot of waiting and watching.

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