Wednesday, February 8, 2012

37 Weeks- So much happening

Wow, so much has been going on in just the past week. We had a second baby shower, celebrated 3 amazing years of marriage and finally reached the full term milestone!

Well starting off with the baby news. We have finally reached 37 weeks which is considered "full term"...fully-cooked...ready to go...YES! We finally made it to the last big milestone (aside from birth) in pregnancy. I'm so excited to finally go into labor and have this little munchkin out here in our arms as opposed to rolling around in my guts. I love it but I also can't wait to snuggle with my two favorite guys on Earth! It seems weird to actually be excited for labor, since I am hoping for a totally natural experience (my stubbornness is coming in handy for once). I know it is going to flat out suck and probably not be the most enjoyable thing ever but all I can see is the light at the end of the tunnel- I don't see the tunnel itself. It reminds me of this scene in The Emporer's New Groove (yup a Disney movie).

I feel like some kind of crazy althete getting all pumped up before a big game. Let's. Do. This! WOOT! Although the idea that I will go into labor still seems like some crazy far off dream and it hasn't really hit that it is going to happen yet.
I know he won't be arriving until he is good and ready but I must admit I have done a few things hoping to help him along at some point. Last night I had the eggplant parmigiana for dinner (rumored to help start labor) and right now I may or may not be bouncing on my exercise ball. Truthfully the ball actually makes my back feel a ton better, so there is a secondary motive for it. I know my efforts are probably completely worthless but hey, it occupies my time. As far as he is concerned much of what he is doing right now comes down to practice. Practice breathing, sucking and rolling from side to side. He is gaining weight at the rate of about half a pound a week (say wha...) getting all cute and plump for us to cuddle and kiss.
I am really not all THAT uncomfortable but I must say the swollen legs and feet are about the most annoying thing in the world. No matter what I do for the day (on or off my feet) they manage to swell up like a balloon (I was going to make a CSI-esque reference here but I figured some of you may be eating). It makes my legs go numb and feels like I'm wearing way too tight jeans. Blek...still worth it though.

In other news...
My boss threw me a second baby shower at my work with all my wonderful customers! I had such a great time seeing all the people who I have come to know so well just through helping them with dog or cat food. The best part was just getting to enjoy the love everybody was pouring out on me. I really feel very blessed by all the help, advice and gifts everybody has given us. Here are a few pictures from the shower, there are of course a ton more on the Flickr site though.

In addition to all the fun baby stuff going on Kenny and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a lot different than in past years but it was still very special and fun. We went out to dinner at Shugrue's since we both hadn't ever been there before and felt like being a bit fancy. We had a great time just spending some good quality moments together. I can't believe how fast three years flew by and can't wait to spend even more together with this man whom I love so very much. I am so excited to keep going on our own little life adventures. I know he reads the blog so, Happy Anniversary and I love you Kenny!

We have another doctor appointment on Friday, I'm really excited to see what she has to say and now we get to see her every week until the big day. So, until next week (or maybe sooner?)...

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