Wednesday, February 1, 2012

36 Weeks- It's Officially Our Month!

Wow...36 weeks and we are a mere 28 days (more or less) from having our little boy arrive! I can't believe how fast everything is going by. Suddenly I would like everything to just slow down and let me enjoy every last second of this. I think about stuff like that a lot now. I think about how much life is about to change. Before it was kind of a far off thought that " oh yeah, we're going to have a baby but that's months and months away" now it's kind of like "holy fish-paste...we're going to have a baby!" I have moments where it dawns on me how much the little things are going to change. For instance Kenny and I were watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night and I had the thought of what it would be like trying to do this with Roxas here. It doesn't sadden me but it makes me think just how much a baby can change things, and I never realized that until now. I'm really excited to venture into parenthood and all the wonderfully amazing things it offers but I have finally realized that it means change, both big and small. I say...Bring it on.

Well this month is officially our due date month! I just can't believe that it's already February! Since I am now 36 weeks I've also been put on Havasu lockdown- in other words I am not allowed to leave the city. This only makes me want to go on crazy trips far, far away even more though. Kenny and I will celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary next week and we typically go on a Disneyland vacation each year but obviously that isn't going to happen. It's a little weird that I am packing a hospital and diaper bag as opposed to our Disneyland bags. We will hopefully be able to make it back to our favorite place on Earth later this year and show Roxas what an awesome place it is. I'm sure he won't have a clue what else is going on but I bet he will still like the lights, colors and sounds.

Anyways, this month has brought on a ton of fun things. He is still settling downward which is causing me some pain and discomfort but at least I know that means he is heading in the right direction so to speak, hehe. I waddle pretty bad now too since it feels like my pelvis is about to be pulled apart. The doctor said I was a teensy bit dilated last time, so hopefully all these pains mean that I will be a teensy bit more dilated next time! I'm super anxious to finally have him in our arms, and out of my ribs. Most of his systems are fully operational now and he is putting on weight at about an ounce a day! An OUNCE...A DAY! Just one more week of cooking and he will be considered full term and technically could come any day after then. Well, that's all I've got for you today...until next week!

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