Wednesday, January 25, 2012

35 Weeks- Almost there!

The end is in sight! Holy cow...there are 35 days left until the due date and it's starting to sink in that next month I will [probably] be having a baby! I'm getting excited and anxious and worried and bored and everything in between. I still think he will show up a bit early (the 20th just keeps coming to mind for some reason) and Kenny says March 1st...we've made our bets. I'm sure he will show up whenever he is ready though and I'm fine with that...I think.

So How's the Baby?
He has dropped quite a bit, I can tell mostly by the frequency I seem to be in the bathroom. His little (or not so little) noggin just keeps ramming downward which I must say is a very odd, and uncomfortable, feeling. The waddle is also getting much worse. My poor pelvis, I should send it an apology note sometime. He is getting bigger, I swear sometimes I can see he has grown just during one day. His tush is usually sticking out at some odd angle, making me look a bit pointy and funny. Speaking of pointy and funny, my "turkey timer" as I call it (my belly button) has officially popped out completely. It's pretty funny looking but it's entertaining. He is mostly just gaining weight now, although that noggin that is making me incredibly uncomfortable is also busily forming tons of neurons and new connections. He is working hard on perfecting his reflexes too. Now we just wait!

Are You Ready?

People ask me all the time if I am ready. Physically, yes. Mentally, HA...not likely to happen soon.

I've been busily packing and preparing for the big event. We have officially gotten all of our bags packed and they are by the door ready and waiting. I am constantly checking and re-checking my list to make sure it is packed right. I'm sure we won't need half the stuff in there but you never know. Which reminds me of something else I was going to put in the bag, I'll have to fix that. So our bags are packed and ready to go, so we are ready for the hospital.

I did the typical pregnant lady thing and re-arranged his nursery...again. I feel pretty happy with it now though. Here are some pictures of the finally finished nursery.

As for the physical part...well...I'm done. Yup, the aches and pains are constant and I am so ready to just be able to have my body back to myself. I'm also really excited to just meet this little guy already! My feet and ankles are pretty much perpetually swollen and surprisingly it hurts a bit having your skin stretched so much. Not too much longer though! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know I can hold on just a little bit longer. Then I will have the best reward possible- my little boy in my arms. Just keep focusing on that and things will be fine.

Well that's all for today, see you next week!

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