Wednesday, January 4, 2012

32 Weeks- Finally 2012!

I can't believe it is already 2012...and next month we will be having our baby! I think the reality is finally starting to settle in a bit for me now that we are getting so close to my mental "ready to go" date. I've compiled list after list for things I need to remember to bring with us and people to call. I know the time is going to slip away from me faster than I think it will so I'm trying to get prepared. Only 8 more weeks until the due date!

We had a fun little New Years celebration. I drank my sparkling cider and we watched the Twilight Zone marathon. Yup we are real party animals. I'm quite honestly glad to be done with all the holiday hub-ub since that means we are getting closer to the big day. Holidays are always stressful anyways and I'm thankful to be returning to some kind of normalcy around here. We did some pregnancy pictures down at the park on New Years Day with my niece and parents. We had a blast running around and playing. I probably over did it but hey, since when do I listen anyways? Here are a few of the pictures. I'll work on getting some kind of online album set up to link here since I know not everybody reading this is looking at my Facebook too.

This week the little man is growing, still...and I'm noticing more than ever. So about him: He is somewhere around 4lbs and about 17inches long. His skin is finally not see-through! Yay for no alien baby! His fingernails are reaching the end of his fingers, and his hair is growing. Weight gain is the main focus now, with him gaining over half his birth weight in the next two months.

About me: I'm starting to really feel the effects of pregnancy. My back is sore more often than not and I'm whining about it much more often too. It's incredibly frustrating when you just want to get comfortable and that's not even close to possible anymore. I'm having to learn my limits since any excessive activity seems to bring on the Braxton Hicks contractions which are indeed becoming more frequent and more uncomfortable as time goes on. As anxious as I am to meet our little one, he still needs to cook for another 5 weeks!

Well, that's all for now. Here's the belly picture for the week :-)

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