Wednesday, January 11, 2012

33 Weeks- Getting Closer

Ready for this? There are only 49 days left until the due date. Yeah. I'm starting to get a bit anxious and nervous. Not about the birth part. I know I'm in for it there but there isn't much I can do about it now right? I might as well just accept it.

No, what I'm nervous and anxious about is just about everything else. Will I be the moron who doesn't realize when they should go to the hospital and end up with a roadside baby? Not likely, but the thought is still there. Are we going to screw up our kid in some way? Most likely, but all parents do. I think about these things usually when I don't have anything else in front of me taking up all my attention. It's just starting to sink in that we are going to have a in it's ours...and not some friends' baby that we have to take care of for a week. Nope. To quote my wonderful hubby, "There's no lemon law for babies." Yup, there's no returning him to the stork store. Although, if he's over 9lbs I might march up to that stork and punch him square in the beak. Anyways, time is going by quickly and I don't feel ready at all. But, I know if I just hand over all my worry and fear to God, He will come through and things will be just fine- just like He always does.

Roxas is getting big, gaining about half a pound a week now. My spine and pelvis are thrilled about this. Right now he weighs a bit over 4lbs. and has passed the 17in. mark. His skeleton is hardening, except for his head which will stay squishy so he can make his way out on the big day. The level of amniotic fluid has maxed out which means I mutter about freakin' bony elbows in my spleen a lot. There is less fluid to cushion him so I'm pretty sure my insides are actually bruised. His eyes are open when he is awake now and he can differentiate between night and day thanks to the womb walls becoming thinner. Something I think is super cool is his immune system has developed now. He is now gaining valuable protection from microorganisms.

As for me, well I'm making an attempt to not complain as much. Yeah, I'm uncomfortable and I'd love it if I could just lie down and be comfortable...or even tie my shoes without a lot of effort, but I know I'll miss it as soon as it's gone. I only get to be pregnant a certain number of times in my life and I want to really make an effort to remember and enjoy as much of it as I can. That includes the uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects as well as the fun stuff. So, today, no complaining! Yay!

You may have noticed there are two new buttons over there to the left of the blog. The Flickr one will take you to all of the photos I've done over the course of the pregnancy. There you will find week by week belly pictures, all of our pictures from the park and the ultrasound pictures too. The Facebook one will take you to my Facebook if you don't already have me as a friend.

We've got a lot to do for the baby shower this weekend so, until next week...

Roxas had the hiccups last night, I caught a few of his little jumps on my phone. The quality isn't the best but you should be able to see it.

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