Wednesday, February 15, 2012

38 Weeks- Nope, not yet!

Wow, 38 weeks and only two more until the due date. Everybody and their uncle is starting to ask the same question: "You have that baby yet!?" I must admit it is starting to get a little bit annoying but I think it's more because I'm thinking the same thing! We are both ready to meet our son and can't wait for the big day to finally arrive. It's all a waiting game now.

Roxas is somewhere around 7lbs and 19-22in long. I'm not sure how but he still manages to make really interesting movements. I really wish I could see what was going on in there sometimes. He is fully developed and just awaiting launch day. We tell him everyday, and very often, that he can come on out anytime. So far he isn't listening to us, I have a feeling it's not going to be the first time.

I've had some positive signs that labor is around the corner, but whether that means labor will start tonight or next week- who knows. The past two nights I've gotten a little excited over some rather painful contractions that woke me up in the middle of the night but they always fizzled out and I went back to sleep annoyed. It's a strange feeling hoping for pain, I figure anything painful has got to be good at this point. Unfortunately the doctor agrees. Yay for pain! At any rate the contractions are getting more frequent, longer and stronger so that can only mean good things. I'm curious to see if there has been any change since last visit when we see our doctor this Friday. I'm still thinking the 20th will be the day, but I know Roxas will get his chubby butt out here when he darn well pleases. Stubborn, like both his mother and father.

Most of my time is consumed with thoughts of labor and making sure everything is ready for him. I am still working too, as much as I feel like I want to be done with it I need the distraction. If I were at home all the time I would be climbing the walls trying to occupy myself. It feels like I have the reverse of ADD, all I can think about is baby. Absolutely nothing else can seem to stay in my mind very long. Trying to entertain yourself when you have one thing on your mind just never goes well. I have been trying a few things to help Roxas along in his exit. Long walks, going up the stairs at the London Bridge, bouncing on my ball, rocking in my chair...etc. They have helped move him down a bit but other than that I never get more than a contraction or two from them.

Well there really isn't too much else going on, kind of in a holding pattern now. Until next week (I hope I can be sharing baby pictures instead of belly pictures!)

I think Roxas likes puppy dogs already because while Bacardi was laying there he was moving around trying to kick at her. She loves her human brother too!

You can't see them too well but I have a ton of little stretchie marks all over the underside of my belly. I'm learning to love them as my own unique mommy tattoos :-P

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  1. I love that your dog is named Bacardi because we have a dog named Kahlua. Hahahahaha.

    I am seriously getting sick of being asked if I had the baby yet. Really? Don't you think you would know by now? Geeeez. (Yeah, I am a cranky pregnant, don't mind me, lol.)