Wednesday, November 30, 2011

27 Weeks- Hello Third Trimester!

Well, we are in the final three months of pregnancy! I can NOT believe how fast it has actually gone by. Things are only going to move faster now though. The holidays tend to do that. We have our childbirth classes coming up this Saturday and I'm just amazed at how fast that date came up on us. I'm really excited to see the new labor and delivery ward and ask all kinds of questions. I'm also a little anxious [read: scared] since I know the time for Roxas to get his cute butt out here is fast approaching too. The Christmas decorations are all up and I can't stop thinking "it's Christmas time already?!" It seems like somebody hit fast forward and we are just a month away from 2012, then just a month away from the due date...and a month away from being responsible for a tiny human being. Cue the feelings of fear, excitement and anxiety.

In other news things are going pretty good with us. Roxas is somewhere around 2lbs. and 14 1/2 inches long from his head to his heel. His eyes are opening and closing, he is still practicing his breathing and he is still putting on that baby fat that I'm sure I will enjoy kissing, pinching and cuddling. He kicks and moves a lot. The nurse at our appointment yesterday was having a bit of difficulty getting a read on his heartbeat just because he kept moving around so much when she tried to listen- feisty little munchkin! His favorite time to move around is about 10pm every night. We have a lot of fun just feeling all his little moves and kicks. Although he has managed to find my lower ribs and I swear he is sticking his little foot right in between them sometimes! The kicks right to the ribs/bladder are none too pleasant but I still enjoy them since I know these moments are numbered.

Now that we are at 27 weeks things are changing a little. I have to count his kicks and movements for an hour each night. I also got to do the ever fun glucose tolerance test today. They give you this "super kool-aid" stuff, which tastes like flat orange soda that might have gone bad, to drink in about 2 minutes and then after an hour they draw your blood. I have blood sugar issues anyways so I am really hoping the test comes back as normal and I don't have to go back for the three hour test. I have to admit though, that drink wasn't as bad as the barium shakes they make you drink for CT scans-YUCK!

Symptoms are popping up out of nowhere all of a sudden. Thanks to some swelling in my feet and hands my wedding ring is most likely coming off tonight to be replaced with my promise ring because so help me, if they say they have to cut my wedding ring off I might [will] hurt somebody. My "baby brain" has gotten awfully bad lately. I can't remember anything, stumble over my words and do the dumbest things. I also have terrible balance and coordination. I feel a lot like a klutzy hippo sometimes, and I'm not even that big yet! My belly is starting to get in my way a bit though, which can be incredibly frustrating. I realize I took a lot of simple things for granted, like putting my own socks on or tying my own shoes. Just doing the dishes or laundry can be a physical challenge in it's own right.

It can be a pain, sometimes literally, but this pregnancy really has been going so well. I can only hope and pray the delivery goes as well. I complain a lot sometimes but really there isn't much that I have had to put up with and I'm so very thankful for this experience. I can't wait for it to be over though so we can meet our little boy and get to know him. I know that time will come quick enough though, so for now I'm enjoying the ride and loving every second.

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