Wednesday, November 2, 2011

23 Weeks- BOO! Halloween Fun

We are officially entering the 6th month now! When this month is up I will be in my third trimester...which is just insane to think about. There are only 119 days left until my due date and I'm amazed at how short of a time that seems. With the holidays coming up I know the time will just fly by and I'm starting to get small moments where it really hits me that I will have a baby in my arms before my next birthday. We watch a lot of "A Baby Story" and sometimes I finally realize...holy crow that's going to be me in just 17 weeks. Roxas is getting bigger and bigger every day. This coming month he will double in weight! He isn't measured week by week anymore but he is roughly the size of a papaya or for the guys, an over inflated football. His blood vessels are hard at work in the lungs to prepare them to exchange oxygen and of course enable those first cries. He has been getting more and more active lately which of course makes me very happy.

Apparently the power of Halloween somehow manages to make every child unbelievably hyper, including unborn babies! Every kid in my Sunday school class appeared to have eaten a bucket of sugar for breakfast and Roxas was no exception, and I promise I did not eat a bucket of sugar for breakfast! He was bouncing around and punching, kicking...possibly hiccuping all day. Thanks to his hyper-activity I caught a good little kick on video finally and Kenny got to feel lots of good little kicks. There is nothing more special than having your husbands hand on your belly and seeing the look on his face when the baby kicks, it never gets old.

We didn't do anything fancy for Halloween but of course I just HAD to do something awesome with the belly, so I painted my belly to look like Mike Wazowski from the Diney-Pixar film Monsters' Inc. I think it turned out quite well considering I was painting it in a mirror so everything was backwards.

So here are the latest pictures and the video of my belly jumping as Roxas kicks, look for the big kick around 30 seconds in.

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