Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25 Weeks- Grow Baby, Grow!

25 weeks today and I have to say things haven't changed too much. Roxas is still kicking up a storm and is getting bigger and bigger. He is now the length of Kenny's shoe from head to heel (13 inches) or the size of an eggplant. He weighs somewhere around a pound and a half. His lungs are continuing to develop and although they aren't ready to make their debut in the real world they are maturing fast. His nervous system is maturing more too. His baby fat is coming in, quite well according to my bathroom scale. If he has hair we could now see what color it is now, my money is on jet black. His house is now the size of a soccer ball...which is kind of what it looks like I'm smuggling under my shirt. I'm starting to feel some of the less pleasant side effects of the fast approaching third trimester. The fatigue has come back, and my emotions have been all over the place so I apologize in advance if you encounter any of my "pregnancy alter egos". My body is starting to reflect the stress as well, I have a bad back to start with so needless to say the back pain is here for the long haul. There are only 2 weeks left in the second trimester, I can't believe how close things are getting. We have our childbirth class on the 3rd, which was always kind of a milestone in my head because I knew when we did that class we would be close. We do have a date for our baby shower: January 15th at 3:30pm. Invitations will be going out mid to late December. I'm surprised a lot of people have been asking what we would like as well, so I will put the links to our registries on the blog too. We are registered at Babies'R'Us and Walmart. I'd also like to put it out there that we don't mind gently used items either, we aren't picky! He has a lot of "themes" including Winnie the Pooh/Disney, Puppy dogs, and guitars.
Well that is all for now, we will see you next week for the last of the second tri!

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