Wednesday, October 5, 2011

19 Weeks- Yay!

We are one week away from being halfway there, and I can't believe how fast time is going now! It seems as if the belly gets bigger and bigger each day, and baby Roxas is getting even stronger. This week he is the size of a mango...

AHHH! Wait...that's not a mango! Well it is, but it isn't the right mango... (if you are lost Google Mango from Saturday Night Live)

Ok, THAT's a mango! Anyways, he is about 6 inches from his heat to his cute lil' butt and weighs around half a pound. His brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Smart little munchkin! His arms and legs are in proportion to his body now, which is good because those legs looked awfully long on the ultrasound hehe, then again look at his mommy and daddy! That brain and those limbs are finally getting coordinated thanks to neurons now being connected between the muscles and brain. He is using all that coordination to choreograph what I can only assume is a complicated dance routine. I LOVE feeling him moving around and kicking me. Some days I get treated to him bouncing around a lot and others are more quite but when he does move it is so special. That feeling is like nothing on Earth and makes me love him more and more, it's something I will treasure forever. His kicks are getting stronger and I've been able to feel them from the outside three times now...but as soon as Kenny puts his hand on the spot he stops. Kenny thinks I'm crazy but I swear to you I am not imagining things!!! You do have to have near psychic abilities to know when and where to place your hand, but I swear the really good kicks can be felt from the outside. One of the more fun things for me is using the doppler to get him to move. He still hates the thing and you can hear him trying his very best to get away and he gives really good kicks then. I'm such a mean mommy sometimes lol! The belly is here and I am loving it, although it's weird feeling when I bump into the counters as I bake or do dishes. Two people finally plucked up the courage to ask if I was expecting yesterday, which just made my day since I guess that means I look pregnant now and not just fat.

The weather here is finally changing to some cooler temperatures and today in particular is fantastic. I've got my puppy dog slippers on with my Eeyore mug full of hot chocolate and all the windows and doors open letting the cool fall air in! So Roxas and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch some movies now!

Here is the bump picture this week! I'm surprised at how many people STILL touch me without asking first. I thought pretty much everyone knew pregnant ladies don't really like being touched. I honestly don't mind if you ask, but please ask first.

My belly button rings' days are numbered :-D but I'm loving my belly! The uterus is pretty close to my belly button by now.

We have our big "20 week" scan on Monday so we will hopefully have some fun news for the next update and maybe a few more pictures! See you next week

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  1. I haven't even touched your belly yet and we are friends!!! haha Some people just don't understand boundaries. :P