Wednesday, October 19, 2011

21 Weeks

Are you wondering why I'm holding a beer bottle, let alone weird beer? Well I ran across this blog featuring a "man-guide to baby size" and I figured this week would be perfect to borrow a "man" size comparison rather than a fruit sized one. So this week Roxas is about as long as a beer bottle! If you would rather compare fruit then he is about the size of a banana (I really hate spelling that...I get it wrong every time!) Anyways he is weighing in at 3/4 of a pound!! His eyebrows and lids are present, but he can't open his eyes just yet. He is becoming more and more coordinated and believe me I can tell. His movements are getting a little easier to predict. He sleeps a good majority of the day while I am up and about but when I come home from work and relax in my comfy chair or when I lay down in bed he wakes up and starts doing who knows what in there. If you ever see a really weird look on my face chances are he just did something that felt very, very odd. His kicks are getting stronger and once in awhile he kicks hard enough to see it from the outside. Naturally I'm "crazy" for saying this because he never does it for his daddy and he won't do it if I try to catch it on video either. Brat.

I'm feeling great in the second trimester, which only has 5 more weeks left! Some of the less favorable symptoms are starting to appear but they aren't unbearable. My back hurts of course, it always did though, and the heartburn is a bit irritating but for now it is mild. I'm sure I will be complaining more later though. I had another person ask me when I was due yesterday. I always feel like a moron trying to answer though since it's always..."uuuuuuuhhhh....February 29th." I'm slowly learning my limits, which is not a fun thing for independent me. I can't lift much anymore without causing myself some discomfort and when I drop things I really question how much I want to get it back. Things aren't impossible yet but they sure aren't comfortable. One thing I miss is sleeping on my stomach, Roxas does not appreciate getting squished and lets me know just how much he doesn't like it if I try. We are gearing up for the big trip to Disneyland this weekend. My main hobbies are going to be eating, pin trading and shopping so this should be a very fun trip all in all. It's funny how unorganized and scatter-brained I can be lately since I am usually halfway packed and all prepared by this point for our trips and right now I've got nothing even planned, no lists of things to take made, and no idea what I'm going to pack. Next weeks update might be a bit delayed since I am working next Wednesday but I will try to keep it on schedule. I'm sure I will have lots of pictures to upload and half of the post will be Disney related of course. We also have our 20 week ultrasound next week too so I will do a special post with the results of that as well. Next week is going to be exiting :-D

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