Wednesday, October 26, 2011

22 Weeks- Disneyland, Hospital Trips and Fun

What a crazy few days we've had...

We went on a family Disneyland trip this weekend and of course we had a blast but it wasn't all mickey mouse ears and churros. We drove up to Disneyland early (read 3:30am) on Sunday and had a ton of fun playing around at the Happiest Place on Earth. I was pretty sad when I couldn't go on a few of the rides, I didn't really expect to be bummed out so much but it was alright after I got used to my limits. Seeing our entire family was pretty awesome. We had a total of 17 people in our little group at D-Land. You couldn't miss the Stutler crew! Overall we had a wonderful time celebrating my father in law's birthday and enjoyed all the fun Disney has to offer.

It wasn't all fun and games though...a few things tarnished the joy a little for Kenny and myself. While walking through Downtown Disney on our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner my foot caught the front wheel of somebodies stroller and I tripped and fell flat on my belly. I was holding shopping bags in my hands so I was unable to efficiently break my fall. I immediately began freaking out and crying. I think the only words I could get out were Roxas and be okay. I have some medical knowledge, not a ton, but enough to freak me out. All I could imagine is the placenta detaching...which is not good. An off duty nurse was near by and came to see if I was ok. Honestly I wouldn't have cared if my arm was broken in half as long as Roxas was ok I would be fine. I have never been more afraid than in that moment. Security came over and called for the Disneyland medics to come over and a very nice nurse came to take my vitals/clean up my scrapes and check me out. They recommended I go to the hospital to check on Roxas so we got into a cab and went to a nearby hospital. It was a tiny little place but the Labor and Delivery/OB nurses were very nice. They hooked me up to the monitor and I cannot tell you how relieved I felt to hear his heart beating away. Of course when they put the monitor on me Roxas started moving all over the place. They were only able to record about 7 total minutes of his heartbeat since he was moving so much. I've never been so happy to have my bladder kicked repeatedly. The doctor came and felt my belly and said I was probably ok but he ordered an ultrasound just to check everything. The ultrasound tech had to be called in from home but she was the nicest lady I've dealt with so far. She showed us his cute little face and confirmed everything was looking wonderful. She also confirmed he is indeed a boy! Surprisingly he is measuring about a week ahead, and looks to be about 1.2lbs already! We have the ultrasound with the doctor here tomorrow so it will be interesting what she says.
Anyways all is well with both of us and now I'm extra careful about trying to stay on my own two feet.

So, now that the trip is over we are returning to "real life" and getting back to our usual routines. Roxas is kicking more than ever now and I love feeling his every movement even more now. He kicked good enough for my mom to get a quick feel and his daddy got a really nice kick last night. He is growing fast and so is my belly! I've lost the battle with my belly button ring and have taken it out since it's become to painful to deal with it, oh well...the sacrifices will just keep coming. According to my many books Roxas should be around 13 inches long and gaining weight steadily. He's starting to have patterns of sleep and activity, and most of his sleep is REM sleep where the brain is very active. I'm excited to see what the doctor says tomorrow especially after she hears about my little trip and measures the baby. I'll put up another post after the appointment of course, so I'll see you tomorrow!

Here are some other pictures from the trip :-)

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