Wednesday, July 3, 2013

36 Weeks- It's finally our month!

     Happy July! I can now finally say I'm due this month! Lucy is probably around 6 pounds and is filling up pretty much all of my tummy now. She still finds ways to stretch out and push my skin to it's upper most limits though, and it's protesting in the form of stretch marks that make me look like I may have been mauled. I was hoping maybe the skin would have been so stretched from Roxas that I wouldn't end up with too many extra this time. I was very, very wrong.

     We had our baby shower this past Sunday and it was a lot of fun but I'm still trying to recuperate from it! Lucy has everything she could possibly need now and I'm sure I will be spending the next four weeks organizing, and re-organizing her room and closet. She is one spoiled girl already. Once I get her room in order I will put of some pictures of the finished nursery. Here are a couple of pictures from the shower.

     Speaking of pictures we had our maternity photo shoot on Monday and I'm SO stoked to see the finished images. Just what I got to peek at on Jenna's camera looked wonderful and I know once she's done with them they'll be fantabulous. I wish Roxas would have cooperated a little better but then again...asking a 16 month old toddler to cooperate is asking quite a lot.

     The only things left to do now are just get things put away and organized and then try to relax until the big day. We are now at the point where we have weekly OB visits, every Friday from now on! At our last appointment I actually saw the nurse practitioner and she told me there was change going on but nothing too significant for now. I'm hoping the doctor will tell me I'm getting closer. I think a nice 38 weeks sounds good, HA. Now if I can just convince Lucy of this. So hopefully I will have a positive update next week.

Until next time...

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  1. I love the minnie cake! I can't imagine making it to the weekly appointment stage. Congrats on reaching your last month!