Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last Day...

One day left

One day before our lives change radically, once again. Tomorrow morning we will be heading to the hospital to have our baby girl. She will share a birthday with one of our favorite fictional characters: Harry Potter. Unless she feels like making life really fun and I have a super long labor. Fingers crossed for a nice short labor. "They" say second labors are usually half the time. 12 hours sounds long but I'll take it as a vast improvement over Roxas's 26 hours. 

So, this is my last day to just relax and enjoy savoring the last of this pregnancy. It's a bittersweet thing really. I'm very much ready to meet our little girl and not feel like I'm being punched in the gut a couple times an hour. Yet, I'm absolutely terrified. Usually during the times when a certain toddler around here is pushing my patience I realize I'm going to have this to deal with on top of a little baby. Cue the feelings of dread. I know I will adapt without even realizing it but the thought is still pretty unsettling. 

I'm also pretty afraid of labor. I've done it before so you would think I would be nice and relaxed about it. Not so much. Actually I'm just the opposite. I know what's coming and I know how little fun it's going to be. I mean really, would YOU look forward to hours of pain? If you answered yes I suggest you see a therapist of some kind. I've got a serious bone to pick with Eve about that apple. What I do look forward to is the magical moment when all that pain just goes away and you forget everything. It's wonderful, the best natural high on Earth. I'm also not thrilled that I will be getting an IV catheter. I can put them in other people just fine, but try to put one in my hand and there is a really good chance I will faint. Fainting isn't much fun either but I know the catheter is a good idea to have just in case.

Today I've been relaxing as much as I can because I know tomorrow is going to be exhausting. Lucy has been rolling, and wiggling all day. I've been trying to enjoy the last of these times because as much as I want to be done I know once she is here I will miss being pregnant. Hey, I never claimed to be rational or sane. I've been generally uncomfortable with a few contractions each hour and a nice leg cramp thrown in every once in awhile just for some variety I guess. Maybe Lucy will decide she wants to change the plans and come tonight but I'm not going to get my hopes up. At any rate I know it is very likely I will be holding our newborn daughter tomorrow evening. 

I still haven't really wrapped my head around the idea that we will have another baby tomorrow. It still seems like it's some made up story and none of this is real. I just can't wait to count ten little fingers and ten little toes. 

So, next post will most definitely feature some pictures of our little Lucy. If you're the praying type we always appreciate prayers for a safe (and quick) delivery.

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