Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Party!

    Well Roxas has officially had his first birthday party!

     The whole party was a ton of fun. I think just about our entire family came and so did all our great friends. Roxas had a really fun time, even without his afternoon nap and four new teeth making their way in. As you can see he enjoyed his special "smash" cake. At first he wasn't too sure he was supposed to be eating it but once I cut into it for was all over from there. I think he ate at least 3/4 of the whole thing! I also made a "big people" cake since not too many people like baby drool in their cake. Of course I can't possibly do anything the "easy" way or make anything his cakes were a little extravagant for a first birthday....but really? did you expect anything less? I also made this super yummy oreo cookies that were dipped in chocolate to look like Mickey Mouse pants. They were so unbelievably easy but I think they turned out really nice!

I am so, so thankful for all of our amazing family and friends who came (and those who were there in spirit!) and spoiled Roxas beyond all reasonable expectation. He is truly one loved little boy and we appreciate all that we as a family have been blessed with. We never would have made it a whole year without the support and love of you all!
Opening his presents (Big thanks to our friend Jenna for taking some pics!)

    He has so many new and fun toys, he hardly knows what to do with them all. My living room at the moment looks a lot like a Toys'R'Us has exploded. Seriously, this kid has SO many toys now! We also got some super cute clothes which he desperately needed. I haven't figured out how to stop him from growing yet, so he seems to go through clothes like a little growing weed. I had a onsie I bought when he was maybe a month or two old that was size 18mo and couldn't wrap my head around how this tiny baby would fit in this he barely got to wear it a day and it's already too small!

     Roxas also went to his one year old check up on the 8th! He got three shots :-( and was not too thrilled about them. The doctor said he was looking great, although he is a bit orange from all the veggies he eats (doh!) but the important thing is he LOVES to eat. This kid will eat absolutely anything. I can only pray this habit follows him for the rest of his life. Please, please, pretty please? He is now 26lbs, 30.5" tall...and his head is STILL off the growth chart. It's all those big and smart brains he is housing in that extra large noggin. I'm really hoping Lucy doesn't take after her brother with the giant head thing.  I am so happy we have been 100% blessed to have a perfectly healthy little boy who has grown big and strong in his first year.

     As of this morning Roxas hadn't really "walked" or taken more than maybe a few steps. Then....this afternoon while my mom and I were sorting through some of his new loot...he took steps! Real, honest to goodness steps! We stood him up and got him to walk about 3.5-4ft from my mom to me a couple of times before he got worn out and tired of it. I got a quick video of him taking a few steps. It wasn't even his best attempt, but he did SO, SO, SO good! I am so happy I got to actually see some of his first steps. I was really worried I would totally miss them, which to be totally honest would have upset me. It has been a very exciting few days for us! 

     Well that about covers the first birthday party, and all our excitement for the past few days. Time to relax and kick back for a little bit (HA!)

Thanks again to all my friends and family who came and spoiled Roxas so very much, we appreciate each and every one of you!

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  1. Wish I could have been there but I was there in spirit! I'm so happy for you and your family and I am such a proud aunt! I love you Kayla!