Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Not About the Bunny

D'aaawwwww, isn't he cute? That's Phillip, and he was my rabbit until I developed a rather bad allergy to his fur. Anyways tomorrow is Easter, and for many children that means they are going to sleep tonight with the impression that a giant bunny rabbit is going to come into their homes/yards and hide eggs full of goodies, and fill up baskets with toys and treats. The vast majority of those children, even those in Christian homes, are probably not thinking about the broken, bleeding, and dying man that died for our sins and rose from the dead.

     First of all, I have no issues with families who want to do the Easter Bunny thing. Seriously, I'm 100% cool with it. I had the Easter Bunny when I was little and I'm not exactly out worshiping Satan right now, so I highly doubt belief in a giant bunny is going to ruin their faith later in life. I loved waking up to the "bunny tracks" on our front walkway, seeing my basket overflowing with goodies, and beating my older brothers to the eggs (after I dragged them out of bed). So please, please, please don't think I'm trying to knock the "bunny crowd".

     We have made the choice not to teach our children about the Easter Bunny, a choice that was personal and unique to our family. I have to say it's been interesting blending my and Kenny's backgrounds and we have had to really sit down and have serious discussions about these things. We were both raised in a Christian home, so we aren't all THAT different but there are a few experiences we had growing up that were a little different. Our families did much of the same things. Going to Church, we learned all the Sunday school stories, participated in corny Christmas pageants, you know.The difference in this case is when I was little I believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and imaginary birds named Frankie who lived on my shoulder...what? Got distracted there. My point being here that I grew up with these mythical creatures as real and Kenny didn't, although I think he had the tooth fairy.

     It's something you don't think about at first when you have children. There are all of these weird questions that come up that you never thought about. Before I ever met Kenny I just always assumed my kids would believe in the Easter bunny. Well, when you get married and decide to have kids, you need to talk about these things because you now have another persons feelings to consider too. We have had several discussions on what beliefs we want to instill in our children, and what traditions we want to start with our family as a result. When it came to giant bunny rabbits hiding eggs, we both decided to leave the bunny out of it. After all...Easter isn't about the bunny. We still kept some traditions I grew up with, but we've added traditions from Kenny's past too, as a way of blending our pasts to make all new experiences for our kids. I've made up Easter baskets for all three of us, and we took Roxas to his very first Easter egg hunt this year so I mean...we aren't totally axing the "mainstream" Easter activities. It's just we won't be including the bunny part.

     What we plan on teaching Roxas (and Lucy...and future children) is that we do these fun things as a way of celebrating. We are celebrating the resurrection of Christ and all that it symbolizes. As a little kid I get how it can be hard to wrap your tiny brain around what exactly the true meaning of Easter is. So I don't expect them to really get it for awhile but we will still try to teach it as best as we can. Honestly it was hard for me to understand completely until I became a mother. Until I experienced a love so fierce I would die for another human. This kind of love, that fierce, absolutely pure, love is the kind of love shown to us by God even though we all deserve Hell. We are loved, we are granted mercy, we are forgiven. God sacrificed His only son for us. His only son. For awful, sinful, hateful, essentially terrible people. I don't know about you but there is pretty much nobody...scratch that...there is absolutely no one on this Earth I would sacrifice my son for. Ever. Yet...God did just that. He sacrificed His son for me. Me. You. My neighbor. That weird guy who creeps you out. He sacrificed His only son for all of us, granting us a completely undeserved ticket to paradise with Him. Seriously...wrapping my head around that is almost impossible. He is an amazingly loving God who has given us the most priceless gift of all and I think that is worth celebrating.

     Tomorrow we will celebrate with Easter baskets, candy, toys and a little egg hunt at home for Roxas. However instead of the focus being on a large rabbit that may or may not have been exposed to radioactive chemicals at some point (I mean really, how did he get that big?) the focus will be on Jesus Christ and what an amazing gift we have been given as followers of Christ. Even though I've fallen flat on my Christian face at least a million times just this year...I rejoice, I celebrate, I am thankful all for the empty tomb the symbolizes my freedom.



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  1. Well put, Kayla! You and Kenny will create your own traditions for your family. That is the way it should be! We, as you said, did do the 'mythical' characters... and we also went to church and told you kids about the 'true' meaning of holidays... singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, etc. I hope none of you were damaged by believing... though we always tried to make it believing in the 'spirit' of giving and celebrating by using those characters! In Fall we tried to make Halloween more about celebrating the abundance of the seasons harvests, etc.

    Roxas, Lucy and any other children you and Kenny bring into this world will be very lucky to have your example of devotion to God and a mother and father that lives, teaches and openly worships God. Fun is fun... and then there is the serious side also. You can blend the fun and serious, as you are doing and I think the whole family will be better for it.

    I love you. Happy Easter!