Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making Time

     Time, it's like gold to me. There is never enough of it and I value it very highly. It seems like time just slips away and the day is gone before I even realize what has happened. Making time isn't easy, but it's important. Making time to spend with my family is something I think is incredibly important. Yes, I have a mountain of other things to do but my priority should be my family. I've been reflecting on time lately and this is what is floating around in my brain...

      Wives, make time to spend with your children. The dishes can wait, the laundry won't disappear (although I wish it would), and the dust bunnies probably won't attack tonight. What won't wait are the memories to be made with each other. Even if it's just making your baby giggle and laugh as you kiss their tummy.What won't wait are the moments spent together. Enjoy the time you get together, because with each minute that passes your little one grows up and those minutes will pass with frightening speed. Cherish every moment and commit it to memory, because it's those things you will look back on and remember. Not the dishes piled up or the layer of dust on the mantle. Time is a precious gift that is best not wasted on arbitrary tasks when a more valuable use can be found.
     Wives, make time to spend with your husbands. You are the foundation to your family, the relationship between you is what everything else is built on. If your foundation isn't strong nothing can be built on top of it. Remember to make time not only for your children but also for the man whom they call daddy. Your children will look to your relationship as a guide for their own lives. Show them a strong bond that is untouched by time. Take that time out to sit and talk about your day. Take the time to go out on a date every week, or every other week. Make that time for you to spend as just husband and wife again. Just because you became parents doesn't mean you stopped being lovers. Remember that giddy feeling of love? Don't lose that feeling, capture it and nurture it. Never let the love between you wan. It's important, this love. Without it you can't teach your children what love should be. Without it you can't build your family on top of a strong, unbreakable foundation. So, make the time. Even if it's just catching a movie, or having lunch, make the time and you won't regret it.

So there's some of my "words of wisdom" and feelings. Sometimes I get really wrapped up in all the things I "have" to do and forget about the things that I love to do. Time is a gift and I try not to waste it on foolish things. Speaking of wasting time, I should be studying for my exam on Monday. So with that I leave you to ponder.

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