Friday, September 7, 2012

6 Months Old! Oh My!

     Six months has come and gone and I am amazed at how quickly it happened. It's amazing to see how much a baby grows and learns in just 6 months. He has learned to roll over, hold his head up on his own, make vowel sounds, and sit up on his own. It's really quite fascinating.
     Roxas is about 17lbs now and he is a tall lanky baby just like daddy. He has so much personality and is a complete ham for the ladies. I love that he is more like a little person with his own wants and needs now rather than a lump of baby cuteness that, albeit cute, doesn't interact much. He is working on crawling, but he just can't figure out how to coordinate his legs and arms in order to move forward. He has figured out that he can roll to his back and scoot himself around that way though! He can move rather fast this way. One rather nice thing that has come with this new age milestone is sleep. For the past few nights putting Roxas to bed has been the most painless and enjoyable things. He gets pretty sleepy around 7:30-8:00 so I feed him and then just lay him down in his crib. Within minutes he rolls to his side and is fast asleep. I'm not sure what prompted such a drastic change but I'm not going to question it! He has also begun sleeping through the night consistently. I never intended to "night wean" him but he pretty much did it himself and I'm not going to argue. I like getting 8 hours of sleep!
     One of the best things about turning 6 months old is getting to eat "real food"! Roxas has been super interested in us eating for quite a while now and I really had to be careful that his little hands wouldn't snag some food. He has some serious ninja speed when he wants to try and get a french fry or chicken strip in his mouth. I will admit I've given him small tastes of things (just dipping my finger in and letting him taste) like yogurt, smushed banana, cottage cheese and yes we even let him taste ice cream. But they were just small tastes, he never really got to eat any real food...until now!
 He really wanted to feed himself
 He was pretty excited about food
 Daddy feeding Roxas

     Roxas got rice baby cereal as his first real food and he loved it! He was grabbing at the spoon and trying to feed himself the whole time. It was a lot of fun seeing him so excited. If I could guess what was going on in his head it was something like, "Finally! I've been wanting to try this! It looks so fun when mom and dad do it!" We are going to be introducing veggies in the weeks to come and I'm super excited to see how he likes those. I have to say I am so proud of myself for exclusively breastfeeding for 6 whole months. Sometimes it felt like I would never make it to this milestone. Next milestone: 1 year! 
     Things have been just short of insane around here. My house is a mess, laundry is piled up and the poor dogs have been cut down to one meal a day because I simply can't seem to remember to feed them twice! As he gets older Roxas demands a little bit more of me and it's time consuming but it's wonderful watching him laugh, play and grow. If I'm not taking care of Roxas I am usually doing school work but so far it has been a blast. I've already noticed our class becoming very close and I have a feeling we will all be like a little family for the next two years. I'm making new friends and learning all kinds of new things. Roxas is an excellent guinea pig for me too. I love listening to his heart and lung sounds, reminds me of the days spent listening to that galloping beat on the doppler. 
     In other news we recently decided to trade in our beloved Honda Element which we affectionately referred to as "Pinchy". If you're confused by that nickname go look up old Element commercials with Gil the Crab. Anyways pinchy just wasn't practical for us anymore since it was getting up there in miles, and in the long term it could only seat our possible offspring was kind of limited there. Then there was the gas mileage, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best either. We got a Toyota Corolla S and I am loving it. It's smaller than what I'm used to but it's an awesome car and gets great gas mileage. With me driving to Kingman all the time that's a huge thing. It was sad to see our first car go, but I'm totally in love with the shiny new one too.
     Well that's all for now, but I will try to keep up postings as often as I can. No promises though!

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