Friday, September 14, 2012

Time for a Check Up! {6 Months}

     We had our 6 month well baby check up today!

     Roxas had to get four pokes today, and it never gets easier for mom but he does great and takes it like a champ. The doctor said he is doing good with sitting up and he is very interested in the world around him. He has lost weight since his last visit though, which really gutted me. As his main source of food I feel completely responsible for his weight gain and feel a bit like a failure since he lost almost a full pound since his 4 month check up. His head is still off the chart for size and his height (27.5") is in the 95th percentile but his weight combined with his height put him below "below average" on the growth chart. We are going to really up the nursing sessions and feedings and try to plump up my lanky little man. I'm trying not to take it too hard but it's difficult not to feel like I did something wrong. 
      The doctor also recommended we start phasing out the binky, I almost fell on the floor. I think I might be more dependent on it than he is. We are going to start trying to let it just "die a natural death" like the doctor said but I'm not sure how this will play out. We are also going to start letting him drink out of a cup, which he loves trying to do anyways but it's nice to know now I can let him. 
     I got handed a ton of information and instructions today and it was all a little overwhelming to tell the truth. I feel so lost as a parent sometimes. I have no idea what I'm doing and it can feel very confusing sometimes. There are books galore and what one book tells you another one contradicts. Then you have the lovely internet which is a vast ocean of information but sorting through all of the crap to find the truth can be nearly impossible. It's all a learning process and it can be scary when you are responsible for this little human being. Every choice I make for him impacts his life in one way or another and it's a heady thing to think about really. I can only do the best I know how and raise our son together with my amazing husband and pray we do a good job. 
     Roxas got to try two new foods since the last post- carrots and squash. He wasn't convinced carrots were all that great at first but he likes them now and the squash was a huge hit. We are going to move on to peas or green beans next, I haven't quite decided yet. It's a ton of fun feeding him and seeing his reactions to all the different new flavors. Things are really beginning to change and although I'm scared and want to run and hide because change terrifies me, I'm excited to embrace the new future and watch Roxas grow up even more. 

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  1. He is doing fine. He was born on the 'lanky' side! You are doing fine. Roxas has been very healthy! I think that is amazing! He had one little cold! He is strong and able to stand and sit up, roll over and he does many motor skills with good dexterity! I bet that most, or the average baby on their charts have not been as healthy as Roxas has! You should be very proud that he has been so healthy, happy and well adjusted! Just because he lost 12ozs... it's not a bad thing and you did nothing wrong. He will gain and do fine as you are starting him on more feedings of solid food and some juices. It's like the books or 'they' [doctors] think a certain age is magical and we know that babies are all individuals! He's been interested in food for a little bit... but there is no harm that you waited till the recommended age. I think, in my opinion, you have to go more by your baby and what you think than adhering strictly to what the 'books' say! Some babies will be ready sooner than the 'book recommended' time frame, or some may need a bit more time! Roxas will most likely always be lanky and not the 'cherub chunky' baby that seems to be the 'average normal' baby on those 'growth charts'! Besides his mommy and daddy, he has gramma's and grampa's who are watching him grow and I'm sure we all would be happy to be asked for 'our advice'... from time to time! :) You know that I'm always here for advice and help. I'm sure if us gramma's saw something we were really concerned with you would have heard from us! ;) But he has been fine. You are raising a healthy, happy and well developed baby who is very smart, focused and sociable. You are doing a great job. Never doubt yourself or your instincts - I think you are a natural and wonderful mommy! <3