Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Months Old!

     Our little boy is 7 months old today. I am shocked at how quickly he has grown and how much he has grown in such a short time. He is fast becoming his own little person with his special personality quarks and all. He is understanding an amazing amount of information. He knows two signs, one for food and one for milk. He isn't all that reliable on using them, but he gets them and sometimes signs for me. It's amazing how quickly he caught on to it. I can't wait to teach him more as he gets older. He is just full of new things every day it seems. He is starting to make attempts at crawling but can't quite figure out how to get his legs going with his arms. It's pretty cute to watch. He laughs up a storm and loves to be tickled all the time. I love blowing bubbles on his tummy and neck to make him squeal with laughter. He still only has the one tooth, but I suspect the top two teeth are trying to make their way out. He is loving being able to eat "real" food. So far the only food that hasn't been an instant hit is green beans. It's a blast trying new flavors with him and seeing his reactions.
     Things have been so busy around here it's no wonder I lose track of time so easily. I need to hire some magical elves to help keep me on track. I can't even begin to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas coming up so soon. I haven't even thought about what Roxas is going to be dressed up as for his first Halloween. I had grand ideas of making him a little Organization XII cloak and a tiny foam keyblade but you would have to know Kingdom Hearts in order to even get the costume. Plus, I don't exactly have the time to be sewing little baby cloaks and making tiny keyblades. I'm still not sure what we are going to pick yet.
     School has been merciless, and intense as ever. We are getting ready to head out to our first day of clinicals on Tuesday which is pretty exciting. I've got a huge pile of homework that is staring at me right now so I should probably go finish that while Roxas is still asleep.
Roxas eating dinner with Daddy

This is me when I was a baby, I think we look a lot alike here. 

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