Monday, April 2, 2012

One Month Already!

Wow...a month has gone by since Roxas was born. I am always amazed at how time can fly when you don't really want it to. Roxas is happy and growing, he is already changing right before my eyes. I find it really amazing that I have kept a tiny human alive for a month. We had quite a busy day Saturday with pictures and Roxas's dedication.

We don't do baby baptism or anything, instead we do a dedication where we promise to raise him to know and love God just as we do. Roxas was a champ at church for the first time, he only got a bit fussy during the message, but we got through it pretty well. The pastor who did his dedication is very special to us as a couple, he was our youth pastor when we met, he married us and now he did the dedication for Roxas. That probably doesn't happen too often. We also did professional pictures which I will be getting back next week [yay]. It was quite an ordeal though, our appointment started late and that just threw off our entire groove. We did manage to get a decent amount of good shots with the whole family and Roxas by himself. I can't wait to share them!

Leaving the house with a baby is a whole new experience in itself. One does not simply walk out the door with a baby. No. There is intense planning and plotting that must happen first. I make sure I'm ready to go, then I make sure Roxas is ready to go, and the diaper bag is stocked. Then I feed Roxas and we leave as quickly as possible after he eats and hope he stays happy for the outing. It takes me a full 45 minutes to an hour to get out the door, gone are the days of just spontaneously heading to the store!

One of the biggest and hardest things to do as a mom is to remember that I am also a wife. Roxas demands pretty much all of my time and it is very easy to forget that I also have a husband who needs my attention too. Several years of couple's getaways have taught me a few things and one of those is: I don't ever want to let our relationship become neglected. We have a wonderful relationship now but that doesn't mean I'm not on the defensive looking for the first sign of attack on us. If there are any new moms who read this, one of my biggest pieces of advice is to never forget your husband. I know the baby is always needing something but just a quick hug or conversation about something other than baby is helpful. Someday the kids will all be grown and leave the nest...then you'll be left with just each other.

Roxas is now tired of being bounced by my foot in his bouncer so I had better wrap it up.

I've been a mommy for a whole month and I can't imagine a better job. I love this little monster so very much I can't imagine life without him now. Even though he can make my life very difficult at times I still love him more than anything on Earth.


  1. Grandpa gave me the same advice about remembering your husband even when you become a mom, as I know you know, I am so happy to read this and know the couples retreat has reinforced this for you. Equally, a husband needs to be attentive and helpful to his wife - especially during the first days of becoming new parents. Together, working with and for each other, will make a strong marriage - and a happy one!I am so proud of the woman, wife, mother you have become. I love you. ~Mom

  2. I also want to mention: Kenny has been so amazing through your pregnancy and during the labor and delivery! He so loves you and Roxas and is such a blessing to our family! You found a good man, which does a mom's heart so good! ~Mom