Monday, April 16, 2012

6 Weeks old- Keeping it all together

Our little monster is 6 weeks old today. Time has really flown by and it is amazing how much he has grown.

In Roxas news: I know every mom thinks her baby is some kind of genius so I will spare you my tales of how advanced he is and how he is surely going to be a rocket scientist just because he can chew on his fist. He is actually quite amazing sometimes. His legs are very strong and he love to push on anything he can with them. If we put our arm behind his feet while he is having tummy time he will push himself across the floor! Granted, he is dragging his face on the ground but hey he is moving! He has also found his hands (as I mentioned earlier this is a sure sign he will be advanced) and loves to chew on them prompting quite a bit of drooling. Oh boy. He is really starting to notice things like toys and people and actually focuses on them unlike before when he would just look around without actually seeing much. His nights are getting better and better (knock on wood) in fact he slept from midnight to 5:30 this morning! Hooray! Although the trade off for these great nights is apparently awful evenings. The past two days he has decided to be incredibly fussy in the evenings. He ends up so overtired that he won't sleep even thought that is exactly what would help and make him happy. I hope he can grow out of that soon. Speaking of growing...he is growing fast now. I nearly had an emotional breakdown over a pair of dino footie pajamas last night. I tried to put them on Roxas only to find they are too small. I had to go into the 0-3 month section of the closet to find him some PJs. I'm very sentimental and just having to put away these newborn clothes is another sign he is growing up. It's rather bittersweet. Of course I want him to grow up and become a smart, sweet little boy but I wish I could hold on to him just as he is now too. Oh dear, now I'm all teary eyed. Better move on.

Here are a couple of videos of Roxas using his little legs to launch himself out of his Boppy and scoot across the floor...on his face.

In Mommy news: Well I am still loving my position as mommy and the jury is still out on when my return to work will be. I think I will be going back but only part-time, possibly only one or two days a week instead of my usual 3 or 4. In other good news too, I have reached my fist goal in breastfeeding: 6 weeks of exclusive feeding. He only had two bottles in his first 6 weeks and I am darn proud of myself for sticking it out until now. I am still dealing with a few issues but for the most part we have made it over the biggest hump and it's all downhill now.

Well that is all for this week, I shall see you all next time.

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