Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From We to Three - 11 Weeks

We are 11 weeks pregnant today! Baby is about the size of a lime, and although I will never win any awards for citrus fruit carving...there is a picture of a lime with two hearts, one inside the other just like I have two hearts-one inside the other. Somewhere around 2 inches long, baby is growing up fast. Hair follicles are forming, and so are teeny tiny fingernail beds. Baby has a few new moves like stretching, somersaulting and forward rolls! Baby is doing good and growing swiftly, I can't wait to meet him or her and kiss those tiny fingers and toes. I've been feeling pretty good for being near the end of my first trimester. The fatigue has caught up to me, I take 3 hour naps now and go to bed earlier than I have since I actually had a bedtime. I am most shocked at how I no longer have a single pair of shorts that will button, even the "fat" shorts won't close. If you haven't seen me lately, I definitely have that preggo look to me, although I have not gained a single pound yet! Here is the bump picture for this week:

Everything I have experienced and will experience is all worth it to have such an amazing event go on inside of me, I am so excited to find out even more about this tiny life within me. I can't even imagine what this little life will look like and grow into. I daydream about different features they may have. I wonder if they will have my big Flintstone feet, or Kenny's perfect smile, my thick hair or the legendary Stutler height. I wonder if he, or she, will inherit her daddy's gift for music or my love for animals, well the kid will love Disney at the very least! I spend a good portion of my day thinking about those things, and I always come to the same conclusion...he or she will be amazing, after all we are all made in God's image so how could our special baby not be utterly fantastic.

I've been amazingly non-obsessive with the doppler, shocker I know. I will admit I was starting to get worried when I couldn't find a heartbeat since the one time at 9 weeks and 4 days but this morning I decided..why not. Within 4 seconds I found the little filly or colt galloping away! I got to hear that sound for a full 30-40 seconds! I actually let out a sigh of relief, then a squeal of delight. I managed a pretty good recording this time, the beats per minute is somewhere in the neighborhood of 156. I can't tell you how much I love that sound! Sometimes it is easy to forget that I have a life in there, but as soon as I hear that clip's like the world all comes into focus for me. I feel so connected to the tiny human nestled in the safe haven my body has created for it. Here is the heartbeat for your listening pleasure!

So, it's been a long post today but wow has it been a good day! That's all for now, we will see you in another week. We have an appointment on Monday and I am hoping the Dr. will do another scan so we can really see a baby in there moving around!


  1. That was the most beautiful sound I have heard in a long time. It is so wonderful. I am so happy for you guys!!!

  2. You're only a week behind me! :)