Wednesday, June 5, 2013

32 Weeks- It's going to be a busy month

     We're just plugging right along and things are going as well as they can I guess. I have been amazed by how much I had forgotten about pregnancy. I'm starting to think two kids sounds pretty good, but I know as soon as Lucy is born I will forget again. The last few months and weeks are probably the longest, and most uncomfortable. On the bright side I have a ton of things to keep me busy. I joined our local MOMs club which has a calendar chock full of activities for Roxas and me to do. My mom and I have been working hard to get the baby shower plans finalized, plus I get to celebrate with my best friend at her own baby shower. I'm also really excited to get together with our photog friend, Jenna, and get some awesome pictures of the belly.

     This is kind of my last "free month" because typical me I plan waaaay ahead. The first week of July brings with it the magical week number 37, also known as full term. I go into full on baby preparedness mode at this point. The bag will be packed, plans will be made, and family will be debriefed on said plans. I'm really hoping for spontaneous labor this time but that also brings a certain element of panic for me. I like control. Control is not something you're allowed to have when it comes to babies. Ever. That was one of the nicer things, actually it was the only nice thing, about being induced. We knew exactly when we were going to the hospital. Now that we have care for Roxas to organize I feel even more slightly panicked at the thought of getting him all set up. I'm sure it will go great but as much as I want to plan and control the situation I know I won't be able to.

     Lucy is accumulating fat at a rapid pace, weighing somewhere between 4 and 5lbs (depending on which book I'm looking in) and is about 18in long. She spends a little more of her day sleeping now, but still spends a good part of her night wiggling around. She's running out of room fast so wiggling is about all she can do. It's a pretty regular occurrence to see a little foot run across my belly like a shark fin in the ocean. Over the past few days she has dropped quite a bit and that of course means she is exerting all kinds of pressure on my lower vascular system and making me twice as uncomfy as I was before. Hopefully she floats her way back up soon, but at least I don't have a foot stuck in between my lower ribs now.

     Adding to my discomfort is my poor little toe on my left foot. I can't even explain it but I managed to slam it in a car door. I had pulled up a little too far in the garage and decided to move it back last night. I hopped in, barefoot, but in a feat I couldn't repeat if I try I slammed just my little toe in the door. Considering the pain, the swelling and purpleness of it I'm pretty sure I broke it. Of course your toes are probably the dumbest thing on the whole human body to break. They seem to hurt way more than they should, and cause way more trouble than they should. Plus there is nothing you can do about it but tape it and wait for it to heal. As if having the same center of gravity of a jersey cow wasn't enough, now I'm even more off balance. Hopefully it can heal quickly and be back to normal soon.

     We have another doctor appointment on Friday, and Roxas has his 15 month check up as well so it will be a fun day for both of us. At least my appointment won't involve shots! Poor kiddo has been cutting his first molars which I'm convinced are evil. He's getting both at once of course and they are only halfway through since starting to break through two weeks ago. Nothing like a cranky, teething baby to keep me busy I guess!

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