Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 Months Old

     Roxas is a whole 10 months old. Double digits. Only two more months and we will be blowing out a candle for his first birthday! I've already started planning his birthday party. Yeah, I know I'm a little ridiculous but it's going to be an awesome party.
     I'm amazed at how much has changed with him in just the past month. At the beginning of nine months Roxas could hardly crawl and now he is speeding all over the house, standing up on his own for a few seconds, cruising around on any surface he can reach. He talks up a storm and we are starting to be able to understand what he is saying a little better. His favorite word is "doggie" which comes out as either "doggie" "gee" or "dah Dah!" He says "dada" "mama" and something that sounds like grandma but I'm still not sure about it. He is really interested in his surroundings and toys now. He loves to play with us. One of his favorite games is putting things in other things, then taking them out and handing them to us.
     He still only has two teeth. Poor thing gets teeth that start to try and come through but never quite make it to the surface. He just gets these big bumps on his gums and then they go away after a week or so. He is just so miserable when this happens I feel terrible for him. Otherwise he is just the happiest little boy on Earth. Except when I won't let him pound on my laptop, or climb the lamp, or eat dog food.
     For the new year I decided to re-do Roxas's room in more of a big boy theme. I didn't get the chance to do this before he was born...mostly because I was too impatient to wait until we knew if he was a boy or not before decorating the room. So, I thought with his 1st birthday approaching it would be fun to change it up and do what I had always wanted to do.

 Now he has lots of room to play with his new toys, and my living room doesn't quite look like a toy store anymore!
 He might be growing up super fast, but I still love how sweet and innocent he looks when he sleeps. It's rare that I get the chance to watch him sleep anymore so I love to just stare at him when the chance arises.
     I can't wait to see what this new year brings and I'm very excited about some of the plans we've made for later this year. I truly hope 2013 brings us as much happiness as 2012 did. Roxas is the highlight of my day, usually, and I love being a stay at home mom with him. I get to see so much that I would probably miss otherwise. School is starting very soon so things are going to get crazy again but then we get the whole summer together to go swimming and have a blast. Here's to the new year!

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  1. That picture of him sleeping... SWOON. So cute! :)