Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I was washing dishes tonight and looking up at my garden window above the sink. It is filled with all of my little trinkets and knick knacks that some may find cluttered and annoying and I stopped to think, there are so many little items on these shelves that hold so many memories. I associate most of my memories with something whether it be music, a smell or an item. Many of them are from when I was very little and I can't help but wonder what kind of little things will stand out for Roxas like these do for me. I took a little stroll down memory lane as I was absentmindedly washing a plate...come with me on that stroll. I apologize for the pictures, I am no photographer.

These are the shelves that pretty much contain a memory from the time I was very little, like my small birthstone girl figure, to the not too distant past of when we were first married like my license plate reading "mrsstlr". They all represent and symbolize different things and times in my life and are each very special in their own way.

This snow globe, which has since lost it's water, is from Easter 1991. The music doesn't play so well anymore and the snow has long since fallen never to swirl about again but I still cherish and love this piece of my childhood. I can remember shaking it and listening to the music play "Peter Cottontail" when I was only four or five years old. It is the symbol of my babyhood, and reminds me of how I feel about Roxas now. 
This is my snoopy bank from Knotts Berry Farm, yes I know how much is in there ($7.43 if you really want to know). I've had this bank for as long as I can remember and it's been full for quite sometime. Sadly this is not the original one. In our first year of marriage I managed to knock it off of a shelf and shatter the first one. I quickly purchased a replacement on Ebay but it's still not quite the same. This little bank symbolizes the little girl I once was, stuffing her pennies into a glass snoopy.
You might be wondering why I have a tiny shampoo bottle filled with sand. Well that bottle full of sand is from my brother. When he went on a trip to cancun I was oh maybe 8 or 9 years old. He brought back this little bottle of white sand from the beach there. It seems like a silly old bottle of sand but it means a lot to me. This little bottle is one of my favorite possessions because it came as a present from my brother, whom I adore and look up to. This symbolizes the love and bond I have with my older brothers.
That is a skull. A pig skull to be exact and yes it is real. I never claimed to be normal, and this really just puts the icing on that "she's crazy" cake. We went to a luau where they had the whole pig- apple in the mouth and everything. Being the weirdo I am, I asked to take the head home. I removed everything from the bone and cleaned it all myself. Nobody wanted to help me get the brains out, wonder why. This skull fascinates me on an anatomical level, looking at each cranial suture and examining the nasal turbinates could entertain me for quite a long time. It symbolizes everything I've ever loved about the medical or veterinary world, as weird as it is.
This framed card and rose is from when Kenny and I first began dating, 2 months to be exact. He told me the story about how he walked from his work to the flower shop, and rode home on the city transit bus getting these. They were beautiful little pink roses, and were the start of our wonderful relationship. They remind me of the past and how much fun we've had, and will have in the future. 
This glass dog is the very first thing I bought to decorate the house after we bought it. It's nothing too crazy or special but it sat watch all the while we remodeled the house. To me it symbolizes all we did turning our little fixer upper into a home I love. 
 This is one of those cheesy magnetic dolphin toys that seems to break after a few days. So why is it special enough to hold a place on my shelf? We won it with tickets at Chuck E. Cheese on our first couple's getaway. That day was one of the best I've had at a Chuck E. Cheese. We were with another couple, and we had a blast...just four adults goofing around like little kids. This symbolizes not only our marriage but our ability to never grow up. 

We have come to the end of my little stroll. There are many other items on those shelves that hold a very special place in my heart and it would take much too long to tell about each and every one but remembering all those great times from the past make me look forward to the future and making even better memories for Roxas. I hope one day he can have a shelf, or whatever, full of little trinkets like this. I'm absolutely astonished Roxas will be 5 months on Sunday. The time is flying by and I'm getting even more excited to see him grow and learn, even though it is bittersweet. We have a wedding to attend this weekend so the 5 month update will probably be a bit late, but I promise there will be one!

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