Friday, September 9, 2011

UPDATE~Hallelujah! After the most frustrating adventure in file formats, video hosting sites and file format conversion hell...the video is available for your viewing pleasure!!! Scroll all the way down to the post to see it.

Well as the picture says...IT'S A BOY! and yes, I did indeed buy that vinylmation figure! Baby Roxas Reid Stutler is on the way and planning his debut in February, or early March. We drove all the way to Las Vegas to a wonderful little place called A Miracle in Progress and had a 15 week gender scan done with 3D/4D as well. I was so worried that the munchkin wouldn't cooperate and show us "the goods" and at first he was having none of this ultrasound business. It's funny since the whole car ride from Red Lobster (mmmmmmm....lobster...) he was hip hopping around in there and then once we started doing the was nap time. We finally got him to uncross his legs enough to see what we needed to see and he is definitely a boy. Kenny and I were so happy, we were really hoping for a boy and honestly I was getting a bit discouraged by all the old wives tales saying girl but I guess that just proves they aren't always right. We got to see him practice his breathing and swallowing, he waved at us and one of my favorites is when he yawned. It is so nice being able to say he instead of it and say Roxas instead of one of the multiple nicknames I had going for him. Anyways, I have put up the pictures from the ultrasound. Still working on the video, having some serious technical difficulties


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  2. Congrats Kayla & Kenny ! so nice you made a blog about your baby I'm Rita Maria a fb friend of your mama
    Enjoy the pregnancy and the lookforward of the little boy Greetings xx