Wednesday, September 21, 2011

17 Weeks- Almost Halfway There

17 weeks already, just another 3 weeks until we are halfway there! It is crazy to think that in the span of just 17 weeks our little boy has grown SO much. Time is starting to move a little bit faster as he grows at breakneck speeds. Roxas is now the size of an onion, or about 5 1/2" long from crown to rump. He is starting to develop vernix, a waterproof substance that helps protect his skin from the amniotic fluid. His skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone, and little sweat glands are forming which he will need living in the desert! He weighs about 5oz. which is nearly double what he weighed this time last week!
As for me, well, I'm starting to think all that whining about not feeling any different for the first trimester is coming back to bite me since now I've got symptoms all over the place. The worst ones are the inability to eat a meal larger than a yogurt cup without feeling as if it may revisit. Or my new friends, heartburn and reflux. I am convinced heartburn and reflux could be used as successful torture methods and crack even the most hardened secret agent. Those all suck, but my least favorite is the temperature fluctuations I go though randomly. If I could tattoo "Do not touch thermostat" on my hypothalamus (part of the brain controlling body temp.) I would. Every 10 to 20 minutes it feels as if somebody just turned up the heat to 120 and then I'm back to normal in another 10 or 20 minutes. I've taken to standing in front of open freezers when this happens, so if you see me in the frozen food section with the door open taking way too long to pick out a bag of frozen peas you know why. It isn't all bad though, some "fun symptoms" have started to appear too. My favorite thing now is feeling him move. I don't get to feel it all the time but each day the movements get stronger and easier to feel. Sometimes I wonder if he is holding dance classes or something in there when he really gets going. I can't wait until Kenny can feel the kicks from the outside too! Once or twice I've had my hand on the right spot and felt a tiny kick but of course once Kenny runs over and puts his hand on my belly Roxas decides once was enough. I guess he got some of my stubbornness. I have a hard time sometimes wrapping my mind around this little person that is part me. It's really quite easy to imagine him with Kenny's features but I haven't quite connected with the reality that we have a son, who is both part father and mother. It is an amazing thing and now we are just so excited to actually meet him and get to know him. I keep thinking of all the things I want to show him about the world, Disneyland of course being at the top of that list. Things are really starting to get exciting!

The belly just keeps growing, the baby house is about the size of a wonder I can't eat large meals anymore, my stomach is being crowded my a melon! I have good bump days and bad bump days. Sometimes I feel like, "finally I look pregnant!" and then somebody goes and says "oh you're pregnant?! You don't even look it." I know at the rate he is growing though it won't be long until I can't see my feet or touch my toes anymore, but patience is not my best trait. Well that is all the updates I have for this week....until next time....TTFN!

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