Wednesday, September 14, 2011

16 Weeks and Growing Fast

16 weeks, wow. I laughed when people said time will start flying by and now I'm thinking "where did that week go in between 15 and 16?". I'm feeling better than ever, I have my energy back and feel like I did pre-pregnancy. The belly is really there now, for once I am thankful for my flabby ab muscles that gave up the fight to keep that uterus in check pretty early. There is no sucking it in anymore and my regular pants have all been packed away. It is a rather strange feeling having this belly show up pretty much overnight. I bump it into our counter top all the time, and I am starting to have a bit more difficulty in picking stuff up off the ground. I'm sure that before I know it I will have to have Kenny tie my shoes for me. The little monster is getting bigger and the fluttering/bubbles popping/popcorn sensations are getting a little stronger. I'm sure real kicks are just a few weeks away. Speaking of Roxas, and yes that is his name...

According to What to Expect and my Pregnancy and Childbirth book from the doctor: Roxas is about 5in long and more than 3 1/2 ounces, roughly the size of an avocado. I didn't have time to get an avocado from the store and I ran out of cute, creative, ideas for photographing fruit so you get the cute little cartoon instead. Body fat is beginning to form and will continue to accumulate until birth. He can hear my voice pretty well now and he can also hear sounds outside the womb! In fact- loud sounds like the doorbell ringing and the dogs barking (one causes the other usually) may startle him. As we saw in the video he is practicing all of his reflexes like sucking, swallowing, breathing and kicking. His legs are much more developed and his head is more erect thanks to stronger back muscles. His little heart that I love so much is pumping an astonishing 25 quarts of blood each day. I've definitely noticed the effects of a higher blood volume, I feel a bit silly when I get short of breath just walking around but I know my heart is working hard to pump and oxygenate all the extra blood floating around in me!

I've had a few people ask about the name we picked and I'd like to take a second to explain ourselves. First things first, the way to pronounce it is "Rocks-iss" or "Rocks-us" either way it sounds the same. Yes we know the name is different but don't make me get out the list of celebrity names that are WAY weirder! The name does come from a video game called Kingdom Hearts, it is a game that features Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters so we of course like the game. However, we aren't naming him "after" the character from the game. He is his own person and will grow and develop in his own special way. The game is where we first heard the name but it isn't the sole reason we decided on it. We loved the uniqueness of the name, after all not everybody can be named Bill, James, or Michael. (no offense meant to anybody with those names) Plus if you haven't been in an elementary school classroom in the past few years, trust me...Roxas will not be the most "out there" name. As a side note the name Reid is from my grandfather, Wallace Reid McDaniel, who I know is watching with a big smile on his face and a dollar bill in his hand waiting for that first "piggy face".

Well that is all for now, and of course here is the belly picture this week, I know I need a tan:

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