Friday, July 13, 2012


Roxas has been able to roll to his side for quite awhile and usually you could find me on the floor with him trying to coax him into rolling over all by himself. I looked like an idiot I'm sure, bouncing around waving toys and even getting the dogs to roll over and show him how it's done. He didn't seem to get the point but we still had time. Finally, on July 7th while Kenny and I were playing with him on the floor he rolled from his tummy to his back completely unassisted! See the video below:
We were pretty excited for sure. I was all giddy that finally we had achieved this milestone...but that's not all. When I picked the munchkin up from his Grandma Robin's house yesterday he had now mastered rolling over from his back to his tummy too!
Now on to the next movement milestone: Crawling! I'm so not ready for that, but thankfully we have time yet for that one. I hope.

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