Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Very Special Mom

Mom. It's a word we have said many times in our lives. It's a job title that comes with more responsibility than a CEO. We apply for the job even though the hours are absurd, the pay is terrible and it can make you actually lose your mind but we do it anyways. We do it because there is no greater feeling than being called mom. Moms have an amazing ability to love beyond what any normal human capacity is. Our moms sacrifice so much for us. They nurture us with their bodies, go through hell to bring us into the world and then care for us and love us unconditionally. After having Roxas I gained a completely new level of appreciation for my own mom and all moms out there. They give us so much and never expect us to give back. We love our moms for so many reasons and that's why I'm asking for your help for a mom who is close to my heart.

Sherry is the mom of my best friend. We've been friends through the most awkward and trying times in our lives and I consider her to be like my sister. There is nothing we can't talk about between us and I'm very thankful for her presence in my life. Sherry has become like a second mom to me and treats me just as she would as if I were her own daughter. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago and it's been a battle ever since. She has fought hard through so much and is still strong. I'm convinced nothing will break her will to beat this thing. Recently I learned the cancer was becoming more aggressive and the treatment options are few. Sherry's daughter, and my best friend, Tashia has found a treatment center that may offer some hope in killing this cancer. Below you will find a link to donate to the family and help send Sherry to this treatment center. Any amount is helpful, and please spread this link to anybody you may know. Please think about donating for a mom who is so loved and needed by her family.

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