Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leap of Faith

You hear the term "Leap of Faith" and you think of doing something without the guarantee that it will turn out to be OK. Well, we are about to take a huge leap of faith and I am having to trust that somehow, someway God will keep us from going splat on the proverbial pavement.

As you may well know I was accepted into our local nursing program. I just found out what this schedule will entail and it's not an easy one. I will be in school four days a week, two of those days I will be driving an hour away and spending all day in class. That leaves me with three days in the week to complete homework, which I've heard is a nightmare, and most importantly spend time with my family. You might notice that I didn't mention work.

After working 5 wonderful years for the best boss anybody could ask for I am leaving my job to become a full time mommy and student. This choice has weighed heavy on my heart ever since finding out I was accepted. I've prayed about it and I feel very strongly that I need to focus on my family and school the most right now. I don't know what exactly will happen as a result of this choice but I know we will always be taken care of one way or another. Whenever I have worries, there is always a surefire cure: pray about it and just say "here God, I can't deal with this one..."

In other ventures that involve a little faith I have decided to try out cloth diapering. Thanks to a friend who helped streamline and simplify things for me we are going to start off small and see how things go with it. Now, I really don't care too much about all the environmental and natural hoopla that surrounds cloth diapering but I do care how cheap it can be. The initial cost really isn't too terrible and the idea of being able to use them through multiple children is really quite appealing. Plus...have you seen how CUTE they are now? I mean really...I am the type of person who will buy stuff based on how it looks and I have no problems with that- put a picture of a puppy on something and I will probably buy it. I am really excited to give this whole thing a try now that I understand it much better. I have high hopes that it will go well and I will be blogging with updates on how it goes of course. I never thought I would be the type of mom to wear her baby, cloth diaper and commit to long-term breastfeeding. Who knew?

Can't wait to start our new adventures together as we turn down a never before explored path for us and hope it doesn't dead end.

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