Friday, July 15, 2011

Breaking the news...

We won't be telling the world (aka Facebook) until we feel ready, we told our family the Sunday after we got the positive home test (and a positive blood test). Here is how we told them:

My parents: When I first got my tattoo I came over to my parents' house and asked both of them to come into the living room so I could show them something. They were surprised when I plunked my leg up on the coffee table and revealed the new ink. My mom had said she thought maybe I was going to tell them I was pregnant. So when I decided on how to reveal the big news, because I mean...I had to do something extra cool and theatrical! I remembered what my mom had said and went with it. I wrote the words "I'm Pregnant" on my other ankle in eyeliner and covered it up just like a new tattoo. We went over to their house on Sunday morning and as soon as they saw the wrap they were about ready to smack me, but I put my leg up on the table and made sure they could both see and unwrapped my ankle. After the few seconds it took to register what they were looking at, they were elated!

His parents: His mom revealed she was pregnant with him by giving his dad a stuffed bunny with a noose around it's neck. Apparently there was an old way of doing pregnancy tests that involved a rabbit and if the rabbit died...congratulations! I took a stuffed bunny, tied a little noose around it's neck and carefully wrapped it in a box. Then we took the box all wrapped up over to his parents and told them it was a late Father's Day present. When his dad unwrapped it and pulled up on the string and rabbit his face was priceless. Needless to say they were pretty happy too.

I'm absolutely dying to tell every person I come into contact with, and by the time you read this you will know, but right now...I'm about ready to scream it at random strangers!

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