Thursday, March 12, 2015

17 Weeks

Time is just flying right by and now we are getting really close to being halfway done! Only 160 days left, I can't believe it. I went to the doctor yesterday and baby is looking great. The heart rate is 153bpm and all is measuring perfectly. I still only feel little infrequent flits and flutters for now, which kind of bums me out but I know the real kicks aren't far away. I have a sneaky suspicion my placenta is anterior this time which means it's toward the front of the belly and can cushion some movements.

The belly is getting bigger and bigger. Lucy and Roxas are starting to catch on a little bit. I told Roxas there was a baby in mommy's tummy and he said "Yeah that's why it's so big! The doctor is gonna get the baby out of your tummy!" Smart kid. Lucy just points at my belly and yells "baby!".

We've finally found two names that we both like. I'm not sure they'll be the official picks but good grief just finding a single name we both like that has no ties to any friends or annoying people has been difficult at best. Just like the gender though, you have to wait until August to find out. We have our anatomic anomaly scan the first week of April and I'm excited to finally see something that looks like a baby and not just a blobby jelly bean. Hopefully my willpower can hold out through the scan because I really do want to know!

It's starting to sink in a little more that this is real. Especially having names we like, it really makes a difference.  I've been thinking about getting things ready and what stuff I need to pull out of storage a little more seriously now. I've finally found a theme I like with woodland creatures. It's a variation of the jungle animals but without the monkeys *shudder*. Of course we don't need much but I've found a few things we will splurge a little on. I know it's a little excessive to buy new things when we already have a lot of girly and boy blankets or outfits and whatnot but I firmly believe each of my kids deserve some things of their own.

The family is slowly getting better. Actually pretty much everybody else is better except me. I'm going on 3 almost 4 weeks of being sick. Now my sinusitis (thanks flu!) has caused a lovely little ear infection and is making me absolutely miserable. Unfortunately I can't get anything to help soothe the pain. It's absolutely maddening and one of the worst pains I've encountered. I can hardly swallow anything, even warm tea or cool popsicles hurt like crazy. This is problematic considering my weight is still too low for the doctor's liking. I'm supposed to have gained about 5-10 pounds by now but I've only lost even more being sick. Hopefully I can finally get back to being well sometime very soon.

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