Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hold up...he is TWO?

Two years. That cute little potato is now two years old. Woah. I mean just woah. I look back at pictures all the time (and usually end up crying) and wonder where the time went. I know it sounds so cliche but it's so true. I wish I could time travel back to some of the moments we've shared in the last two years just one more time. There is no question I love both of my kids to the moon and back but I would be lying if I said the experiences and memories were the same. Two years holds so many memories, and it's all over in what seems like seconds sometimes.

     There is nothing like the first time you see two pink lines show up in that window. Of course I was excited for Lucy's lines but nothing will ever be like that very first time. That very first moment of realizing you are harboring another life. The unknown, the joy, the fear, the wonder. It's all there the second time but just a little different.
     There is nothing like those first kicks. Oh my. The waiting, wondering and hoping. Every little twitch makes you wonder if that was this strange new person alerting you to their presence. Then, when you finally know you're feeling your baby move for the first time, there are no words for that. Just no words. You cannot possibly describe what that feeling is. 
     There is nothing like the first time you hold your first born child. To hold this brand new life, a physical miracle created with your body. It's an amazing thing. Counting toes, and fingers, praising God for this tiny life. The very first moment you become a mom. There is no comparison.
     There is nothing like those first 
     Roxas has grown so much. He transformed from this adorable little chunk into this tank of a toddler seemingly overnight. I don't know when it happened, because I had given him strict instructions not to grow but he didn't listen. Typical toddler. He is a whopping 36 pounds and a solid little tank. He's all boy, wanting to cause mischief and somehow remain adorable while doing it. He says so many words now it's hard to keep track of what words he knows. He has kind of his own language but the words are getting clearer and clearer each day. He runs, jumps, hops, climbs and can do so many things by himself. He's absolutely hilarious, and has a personality the size of Texas.
     Of course my rough and tumble little man isn't the snuggly baby in my memories anymore. I miss his cuddles and sweet newborn smell. I miss having my little baby boy in my arms. I know he has to grow up, and I'm happy he's growing so well. Still, it's like a little chapter of life closes every time he reaches some new milestone or finds some new skill. It's also like a new chapter begins too. I look forward to all of the amazing things I know he will be doing shortly. I'm excited to teach him and show him our world.
     Just sometimes I would love to go back to holding him for the very first time, smelling that sweet baby noggin, and reveling in our new parental roles.
     We had a nice party down at the park for Roxas. He had a great time playing with his friends and eating more junk food that I really care to admit. He got so many toys I think we might be able to qualify as a retail store now. Spoiled does not even begin to describe it. Of course he wouldn't just grab the cake with his hands. Oh no. Not my little OCD boy. He demands a fork and really he barely ate any of his cake. I don't know what kind of kiddo doesn't like cake, but apparently they exist and I have one.
     I'm amazed yet another year has waltzed right on by without me even noticing (wasn't it just 2013?!) and I've had so many new memories to preserve, and I'm looking forward to another year of watching my little guy flourish.


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