Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's been awhile

Hello old friends.

I began writing this post back in the beginning of December and well now it's almost Christmas! I have been so busy just being wrapped up in life anymore I rarely get the chance to sit and type out my thoughts anymore. I'm actually doing this on my phone now. So I apologize for any odd typos that I miss.

Since my last update Lucy celebrated her first Thanksgiving which was great. Just thinking about how last year we were sharing the big news that she was on her way boggles my mind. These kiddos are growing up so fast. Lucy is almost 5 no the old and Roxas is a few months away from turning 2. Where did all that time go?!

Lucy is growing by the minute. At her 4 month check up her height was right off the chart and she weighed 15 pounds! Roxas is a little tank. Seriously, he's solid boy.

He's picking up all kinds of new words and learning all kinds of new thing's. He amazes me on a daily basis. Although he is at that stage where he will mimic anything and everything I do so I have to be very conscious of what I'm doing. He is an amazing big brother to Lucy and it always making sure she is happy. He is definitely becoming a little toddler though. Oh boy, the fits he can throw and the things that upset him are amazing. He will get mad and frustrated so easily. I feel for him because I know he just can't even process things right now but it's still unbelievably annoying when he throws a toy at me or throws himself on the ground in the store.

Lucy is one high maintenance diva. She really doesn't like anybody but me holding her and she really really doesn't like being set down. So I get hardly anything done simply because I can't put her down unless I want to hear her scream endlessly. Sometimes it is a necessary evil to get stuff accomplished but foe the most part she spends her days in my arms. She still nurses about every 2 hours and isn't a huge fan of sleep. I typically go to bed around 3am and get up around 8 now.

She is such a puzzling baby. I kind of feel like a new mom all over again because we never dealt with these things with Roxas. Roxas responded well to crying it out, which for the record I won't so until at least 6 months, but Lucy will scream for an hour or more. Yes I have tested the theory because I had to hear her scream the entire drive back from the hualapai mountains. She doesn't stop. Plus I don't really like it, it just doesn't feel right for her, it felt ok with Roxas but not with Lucy. She is also very adverse to sleeping anywhere but in my arms. She is actually asleep in my arms after nursing right now. I've broken down several times and just let her sleep in the bed next to me. She sleeps wonderfully when I let her do that. I never thought I would be a bed sharing mommy but I needed the sleep, bad.

She is a demanding baby and wants what she wants or else. It can push ny nerves to the limit sometimes but she is so darn cute it makes up for it all.

So we are coming up on Christmas and it doesn't even feel like it for me. I'm so stressed out about the upcoming semester of school it has just sucked the fun right out of it. We have chosen not to do Santa either so that little bit of magic is missing for me. I'm sure it will be lots of fun but right now I'm just dreading it more than looking forward to it. On top of it all I'm coming down with yet another cold. Hopefully it will move on by Christmas.

Well that's mostly it for now. Hopefully I won't take so long to write a new update.

Until next time....

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