Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Months Old- Happy New Year!

     Woah. Lucy is FIVE months old today! Time is going by way too quickly. I am often sad when I think of how quickly she is growing. Of course I love that she's developing and growing as a healthy little one should but I'm still sad to see the itty bitty days behind us.
     So much has been going on since the last update I was able to do. We've celebrated her first Thanksgiving, First Christmas and now we are celebrating her first New Year! She's growing by the second and weighs in at 15lbs now. She's very tall for her age too, tall and skinny like her daddy. She's rolling over from her back to to her tummy, and grabbing objects when they are in front of her. Her favorite thing to do though is smile and giggle! As long as I am holding her that is. If anybody else tries to hold her...well...it usually doesn't go over well with her.
     She is a velcro baby to the extreme. I never thought I would end up as an "attatchement parent" persay but I'm somehow found myself sleeping with a Lucy snuggled up next to me in bed and hardly ever putting her down during the day. If I dare set her down I had better be prepared to hear screaming until I pick her back up. I know she will eventually grow out of this (I hope) but it can be frustrating. The hardest part is not giving Roxas all the attention I know he needs. Sometimes I just have to make Lucy bite the bullet and spend a little time in a bouncer or swing or crib while I take care of Roxas or do the dishes or laundry or you know...shower once every few weeks. Seriously...I think I set a record this year.
     I love her to bits though and even when she's on my very last nerve, and the dishes in the sink are giving me anxiety. Roxas has been such a trooper with her. He's very understanding of when I can't just hop up and fill his snack cup because Lucy isn't done eating. I still hate to have to put his wants and needs below Lucy's though.
     Roxas is just becoming such a little man now too. Oh my goodness. He talks NON-STOP! He has his own little language and we've been able to decipher several words. So far he says "bop-bop for grandpa, horsey, fishey, kitty, Lucy (or sissy), grandma, GG (great grandma), fry, no, open (but it's said Oh-na), more, off, on, and the best one so far is his first curse word. It starts with a "D" and ends with "it". I have to take credit on that one. I really don't curse a whole lot but I have to own up to using that word quite a bit. If I drop something, hit my toe, or otherwise get frustrated that's typically the first word out of my mouth. I'm much more careful about what I say now.
     Anyways our little family has changed so much in this past year and as we sit here ready to ring in the new year I've thought back over all that has happened and I'm excited to start this new year. This past year I finished my second semester of nursing school with an "A" and we welcomed our second (EEP!) baby into the world. I lost a dear loved one, my second mom Sherry, but was blessed with a new little nephew Coltin. This past year has been full of ups and downs but thanks to my amazing family, friends and classmates I've made it through without too many nervous breakdowns. The year to come will be full of challenges, especially financially, but we will make it work somehow...we always do. Plus in December of 2014 I will be graduating nursing school! I can't wait for that day, but knowing the next semester is looming over my head has been stressing me out quite a lot.

    With 2014 nearly here I want to wish everybody a happy and wonderful new year. May it be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

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