Friday, May 4, 2012

2 Months Old- Eek!

Wow...2 months...2 whole months have gone by
I'm amazed at how much our baby has grown both physically and developmentally in such a small amount of time. I can practically see the neurons making new connection after new connection. My days are consumed by gummy smiles, all kinds of new and interesting noises, and just marveling at him. He is so social and loves to be talked to.I had this series of books called the magic castle reader series that I LOVED when I was little, I can still remember all the stories to this day. I want to read Roxas these same stories that I loved so much so I found the entire set on Ebay and we pick a new one each day to read and both of us love it. He loves pictures too. If he sees a picture of somebody he recognizes he will usually smile really big! I even made him a special little picture book with pictures of all his family. He is learning new skills each day. His newest accomplishment is being able to reach out and grab for things! Of course the first time he did that I just about threw a party to celebrate, because this is a sure sign he is a genius right? I know it's silly to get all excited over the smallest things but it's hard not to find myself practically jumping for joy when he does something developmentally new.
See...genius right there. He is getting more and more confident and better at grasping every day. We practice all the time ;-) You can find a whole bunch more videos at the shutterfly website too!
Roxas went to his first party this past weekend for his cousin, Marley, who turned 4. He slept most of the time and was rather well behaved up until the end. It was a lot of fun and there were quite a few other babies there too, all a little older than Roxas. It was neat seeing the older babies playing and crawling, all I kept thinking was about when Roxas would be doing things like that. We have also passed another not so fun milestone: baby's first cold! I noticed Roxas had a tiny little cough about a week ago but it wasn't enough to concern me, yet. A day or two went by and the cough got worse so I took him in to see the doctor and she confirmed what I was starting to suspect: it's a cold. Unfortunately a cold is a virus and there isn't jack squat you can do to get rid of it. Stupid zombie microbes that viruses are, they are not affected by antibiotics. So the treatment is just TLC. Poor Roxas had a stuffy nose which required that sucky nose bulb thing and a yucky cough that would make him cry and wake him up at night. Then, as if things weren't bad enough, I got sick. You may remember that I am on antibiotics for a bacterial infection [mastitis] but that means jack to this evil, eeeeevil little microbe. It was like a sinus infection from hell. I had the headache, sore throat from drainage, runny nose, and sore ears too. At one point I spiked a pretty high fever of 102*F but thankfully it broke before I had to go to the doctor...again. I am feeling much better each day but I'm still not back to normal. At the moment my ears both feel like they are full of cotton so I'm pretty deaf. Roxas is pretty much back to normal though. He still coughs but it doesn't seem to upset him like it had been and he is acting much more like himself! So we have encountered our first cold and we are making our way through it but holy cow does it make life so much harder than it needs to be. I will be so happy once I am back to normal, or at least whatever my usual state is.
Roxas has his 2 month well-baby check up on Monday and I'm excited and scared. I was a HUGE needlephobe and I really hope I don't pass this behavior on to him. I have gotten better as I got older, even going to school to become a phlebotomist so I can draw blood, muwahahaha, ahem...legally...for doctors. The only things I still really hate are getting I.V.s (I typically pass out) and shots. I am getting better about the shots but it's tough. Hopefully I can be strong and show Roxas there is nothing that scary about needles and he can avoid having my same phobia.

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  1. I am a terrible brother, I can't believe it has been two months and I haven't called. I suck! I have his picture on the fridge and that is the first thing I see every morning as I get out my coffee creamer. So Cute!
    Kenny, I remember holding you when you were that big. Awwww!