Wednesday, April 22, 2015

23 Weeks and Counting

         23 weeks pregnant and only 19 more to go! Time has gone by fast but it also feels like an eternity since December. Baby is growing fast and so is my tummy, as Roxas loves to point out. He or she is more than 11 inches long and probably around a pound or so in weight. I feel more and more kicks every day and I love it. Having the anterior placenta this time really, really, sucked. I was looking forward to feeling those kicks and flutters sooner but at least I'm not dealing with placenta previa so I should count my lucky stars there. I spend as much time as the kids and this busy life will allow watching my belly jump and pop with each kick and punch.
          I'm really wishing I could have gotten that "honeymoon" trimester feeling but it seems this time around I don't get the luxury. I'm perpetually tired but I also want to nest. It's a vicious cycle. My ankles are all but gone, my wedding ring is making an indent in my finger and every bone in my hips feels as if it's being strained. I'm just going to be a joy in my third trimester. I also can't seem to remember my own name at times but thankfully I haven't forgotten anything super the kids.
           I saw the neurologist for my odd little migraine headaches I've been having and he diagnosed them as basilar artery migraines and unfortunately there really isn't anything he can do. Oxygen may help a little but really there is no treatment safe for me and baby right now. I'm hoping once the baby is born they will stop and it's all down to hormones or something.
           I'm getting very nesty. I've started pulling a few items out of storage and next week I plan on getting all the clothing out and sorting that which is a huge undertaking. I'm still not quite sure where exactly this baby's stuff is all going to go but I have a few ideas. We've also decided to do a small get together baby "sprinkle" party instead of a huge shower because honestly we don't need much for this baby and I just want to spend time with my friends and family before I become a recluse for three months. More info on that to come. I can't believe Lucy will be 2 in just another three months and then the next month will be our due date month.
            I fully anticipate going overdue with this baby though so I'm planning more for the very tail end of August or even September. You never know!

       Overall this pregnancy has for sure been my most difficult, most interesting and most frustrating but I can't wait to meet this little alien baby of mine and finally know which name I'm going to be calling them. Now that we are past the 20 weeks scan I'm kind of ok with the whole surprise thing but oh man it's killing me not being able to go nuts on Disney Baby and buy up all the cute little girl or boy stuff. I scheduled our 30 week 3D scan already and I'm pretty excited for that. It's always my favorite scan because I can really start wrapping my head around the tiny face in my tummy.
       The kids are still a little bit clueless I think. I can't wait to see what their reactions are to a new baby. I'm hoping they will be positive but I expect a certain level of chaos with them figuring out what life means with a newborn baby in the house.

We've still got a ways to go but it's starting to sink in a little bit more that we really will have three kids. Then I start panicking a little bit but it's all going to be ok...I think.

 Small benefit to being pregnant in summer: who cares about a beach ready body!

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