Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So Long First Trimester!

Finally, I'm 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant! That means as of tomorrow I will officially be in my second trimester!

I am excited for my favorite trimester and all of the fun stuff it brings. Hopefully the less desirable symptoms begin to lessen and the more fun symptoms begin. I love second trimester for so many reasons but the best is when the baby's movements get much more prominent. Since about 11 weeks or so I've felt some of the little grasshopper like flicks and swishes but they are few and far between. I can't wait to have Kenny and the kids be able to feel this little one on the move in there. That is by far my favorite part of pregnancy. It's such a unique feeling that I wish I could hold onto it forever.

I still feel awful most days. There are good days and bad days still. I'm currently working on getting rid of a crummy chest cold. I'm really hoping the old saying of "hard pregnancy equals easy labor" is true! Still I'm finding I enjoy the idea of being pregnant a little bit more than before. That's probably because I have so few moments to really savor it, when I get a moment I really make the most of it.

I'm still pretty happy with our choice to keep the gender a surprise until the delivery but there are for sure moments when I see cute little things that are highly gender specific and wish I could just know. I also have a hard time trying to avoid using he or she. I just hate the sound of calling our baby "it". We still haven't decided on any name possibilities but we still have 26 weeks or so to figure that out.

The belly is growing and I've found myself diving into the box of maternity clothes more often than not. I love maternity clothes though. Seriously, I love those elastic waistbands! So comfy! My second favorite part of second trimester is the growing belly. I'm always amazed at how fast it just appears out of nowhere one day. I'm really looking forward to having my own personal shelf again too. That was very nice.

Roxas and Lucy have both started daycare today and it is going quite well. I'm lucky enough that I am friends with one of the teachers there and she has given me wonderful updates today, even sending me pictures of their first day! Even though I really didn't want them to have to start daycare yet, it was really a needed thing. They will benefit from getting to play with and see other kids and I get a break one day each week since they have a three day minimum and I usually only work two weekdays! Today was one of those days and boy was it nice. I wish I didn't feel so crummy, but running errands and things without the kids was a dream! You really don't realize how nice it is to just go to a store without the routine of getting kids in and out of the car, wrangling them in a store, and putting them back into the car after shopping. It was a little heartbreaking having to leave them this morning but they handled it quite well. Roxas held onto my leg and didn't want to let go but they warmed up eventually and have been having fun.

Lots of fun changes and new things are happening in the next few months and I am excited for all that will be happening. Especially our (hopeful) Disneyland trip next month!

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