Thursday, January 29, 2015

You Put the Lime in the Coconut

11 weeks have already passed and it seems like it went by fast. I already have my second doctor appointment coming up quick. I remember the time between those first few appointments stretching on endlessly. Now it's sneaking up on me and I find myself asking, "Didn't I just go to the doctor?"

So far everything is going well. The morning sickness is easing up a little. Some days are better than others. The best part is I can feel very small little flutters sometimes. Usually they happen in the evening when I am lying down and quiet. I can't wait for the flutters to turn into tiny kicks and watch my belly jump and roll. I still have zero energy of course but that might be because of my new job and the two little goblins that inhabit our home who seem to need something every second of every day. I'm not really expecting to feel energized again until sometime around year 2033.

I just did that math...I will be 43 when this little babe is 18. I have a really hard time envisioning that point in the future. I still have a hard time believing we are both parents and someday we will be parents of teenagers and then adults. My mind just simply cannot even imagine that future, even though I know it will happen. 

With this most likely being our last little one it is very bittersweet for me. I am more happy and less sad than I thought I would be. Every little thing holds a little more emotion for me though. From putting together my last pregnancy scrapbook and listening to the tiny heart beat nestled in my belly. It is always accompanied by the thoughts of this possibly being the last time I get to experience this awesome miracle. Of course our family size may or may not expand after three kiddos but the idea that it could be the last has given me the tendency to really stop and take the time to cherish even the littlest moments. 

I am really excited for all our lives have to offer us in the coming years though. With my new job and school finally being over I feel like life is finally beginning for us. It really does feel like a new start and there are so dreams we can start planning to make realities. This year really does feel like it will be one of our best and I can't wait to meet this little squish, but I'll be savoring the time I spend growing him or her. 

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